BBC’s New True Crime Drama ‘The Barking Murders’ Sounds Absolutely Unmissable

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 13.03.19
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Woahh, watch out for that true-crime tidal wave, it’ll get you!

I’ve got no idea where this obsession came from but by god it’s here and going nowhere fast. I suppose Netflix are partly responsible as they’ve continued to churn them out at a dizzying rate, but now everyone, from ITV (The Cheat) to Hulu (The Act) are jumping on the bandwagon.

Clearly, they’ve tapped into our macabre subconscious and stumbled across something that resonates with us, which would go some way in explaining why the Beeb are bringing us The Barking Murders.

They just know we’ll lap it up.

The three-part mini series will focus on the terrifying true story of convicted killer Stephen John Port, also known as “The Grindr Killer”, focusing on perspectives of the families of the victims and their struggle to uncover the truth in the middle of a police investigation.

The BBC has released the first picture of Sheridan Smith in the drama series, with the Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps actress set to play Sarah Sak, the mother of one of the victims.

In other exciting casting news, Stephen Merchant has been confirmed to play Port, who was sentenced to a full life jail term in November 2016.

Writers Neil McKay and Jeff Pope said they were “so grateful” the co-creator of The Office had “agreed to take on such a difficult and challenging role”.

They said:

“Stephen Merchant didn’t hesitate when we asked him to play serial killer Stephen Port and we are so grateful that he has agreed to take on such a difficult and challenging role.”

It’ll be interesting to see Merchant take the lead in such a gritty drama. I’ve only really seen the bespectacled beanpole in The Office and ExtrasLogan too actually – so watching him adapt to something we’re not used to seeing him in promises to be intriguing.

The show is definitely an exciting prospect, with Lucy Richer, executive producer for the BBC, adding:

“I’m so pleased that we’ve assembled such an extraordinary cast to be a part of bringing this important true story to screen with sensitivity and compassion.

“This compelling story shows the tireless courage and determination of the victims’ families and friends to find out what really happened; it’s an honour to tell it on BBC One.”

Apart from that I’m really out of stuff I can tell you. It’ll be good though. Promise.

It’s currently being filmed and set to air sometime this year. Watch this space.

Images via Getty/BBC