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Beautiful Angel Drawing - Easy Step By Step Guide


This beautiful angel drawingtutorialis ideal for you if you adore angels or want to learn how to draw one for a specific person or event. With the help of these detailed instructions, you'll be able to design and create your own lovely angels in no time.

How To Draw An Easy Angel With Wings?

Start now by learning how to draw a beautiful angel drawing:

Draw Angel's Face Outline

Start by drawing the angel's face in outline form. A straightforward, curved line, similar to the one in the given reference image, will be used to create this.

Draw The Neck And Hair

You can begin to add hair to your design of an angel by beginning with the curved face line. To get the hair to resemble the given example, don't be scared to closely refer to the reference image.

Once you're satisfied with the way it looks, add some curved lines coming down from the face to create the angel's neck.

Sketch The Body And Face

First, you can complete the angel's face. As you can see in this reference image, you can make a soft, happy face like this with a few really basic dots and lines.

Create some lengthy oval shapes to serve as the gown's sleeves first. Draw another oval inside the first one, after which you should draw the arms emerging from it.

It may seem difficult, but it's simpler than you might think if you use the reference image! Last but not least, draw the remaining portion of the gown that hangs from the sleeves and create a little trail on the ground.

Sketch Some Hair Details

To add wonderful hair detail to your design of an angel, just draw a few lines into the contour of the hair.

Create Some Pretty Wings

In this phase of the how to draw an angel tutorial, let's give your angel some wings! The angel's shoulders will be where the top of the wings ends, with some jagged lines that resemble feathers along the bottom.

Draw Some Wing Details And A Halo

For this section of the instruction on how to draw an angel, you can complete the wings. Add some curved lines in a row above the tips of the wings to give them some nice detailing and make them appear even more feathery.

Then, draw some lines along the edge of the wings, just like in this reference picture. This will assist in giving them some structure. Finally, add two ovals, one inside the other, to the top of your angel drawing to create a stunning halo.

Drawing of an angel in 8 easy steps
Drawing of an angel in 8 easy steps

People Also Ask

What Are The 5 Basics Of Drawing?

Understanding boundaries, distances, light and shadow, relationships, and the whole, or gestalt, are the five fundamental abilities of drawing.

What Are The 7 Main Techniques In Drawing?

  • Triangular grid technique.
  • Identifying basic shapes and positive and negative space.
  • Linear perspective.
  • Basic facial proportions.
  • Figure proportions and gesture drawing.
  • Sighting/Measuring.
  • The grid technique.

How Can I Improve My Drawing Skills?

  • Take up a drawing challenge every day.
  • With shapes, go back to the fundamentals.
  • Spend some time seeking inspiration.
  • Keep a record of your artwork and go back to it frequently.
  • Make patterns that repeat.


With the help of simple and step-by-step drawing instructions for beautiful angel drawing, learn how to draw a fantastic-looking angel. You may draw a lovely Angel by simply following the above directions.

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