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Beekeeper Dupes The Bear And Discovers They Have "Good Taste" In Honey


The bears, like humans, appear to be physiologically designed to enjoy sugar, especially honey, which is the most concentrated form of sugar in nature. This is true in a fun experiment done lately. The beekeeper tricks the bear and discovers they have "good taste" in honey.

One honey maker in Turkey, on the other hand, has seen a group of naughty bears up close. Since several years ago, bears have been raiding his honey hives near the province of Trabzon-Surmene in Turkey, leaving behind a sticky mess.

Ibrahim Sedef, an agriculture engineer, came up with the idea for the experiment. He tried to stop the bears from breaking into his honey production facility by giving them apples and other treats, but it didn't work. One bear, who was called "Big Bear," kept coming back to get honey.

Ibrahim Sedef, an agriculture engineer pours honey out from a jar to a container labaled "Anzer Bali"
Ibrahim Sedef, an agriculture engineer pours honey out from a jar to a container labaled "Anzer Bali"

This sparked an idea for Sedef, and he decided to use Big Boy in a blind taste test for his market research. He laid out a variety of his honey and jams and waited to see which of kinds of honey Big Boy deemed to be the most delicious before making his decision.

Big Boy consistently selected the most expensive and rare Anzer honey after many blind tastings. In fact, you can sell a jar of this honey for $300! The chestnut, flower, and pine wood honey were right behind the anzer honey.

It's important to note that Big Boy never tried the cheap corn syrup-made cherry jam from the grocery store. This just goes to show that bears like honey a lot and have good taste. Even though the bears have cost Sedef tens of thousands of dollars, he says that when he watches his surveillance footage and loves them, he forgets all the damage they have caused him.

Wild Bear Taste Tests Honey

What a cool video. I honestly thought it was a myth that bears love honey. I'm sorry the bear did this but I love how you handled it by giving him some & turning it into something positive. Probably one of the best videos I have ever seen. I appreciate it.- Cademan Caden, YouTube user

One user said that the video only shows that "the bears are showing signs of great intelligence."

This beekeeper is producing one of the best quality of honey in the world. Called Anzer honey. This honey is special and super expensive. The price can go up to 500 dollar per kg. This guy in the video testing with bears which is best quality of honey he produce. And the expert (bear) always chooses the anzer.- Ertan Cetin, YouTube user

When it comes to choosing which honey, bears have such an acute sense of smell that they probably know which one they will like best before they even taste it.Bears are just such amazingly accomplished creatures. Unbelievable strength coupled with amazing senses, dexterity and intelligence. There’s not much a bear can’t do…. especially if there is some honey!- Another user named nor 08

People Also Ask

Why Do Bears Love Honey?

According to research, some bears enjoy honey, although this is primarily due to the additional nutrition it provides. If a bear was given a jar of honey, it might be less interesting because there would be no hive, bees, or larvae from which it gets most of its proteins.

Do Bears Get High On Honey?

A brown bear in Turkey gulped up some honey last week, much like Winnie the Pooh. The cub, however, got as high as a kite on the sweet, golden treat, unlike the renowned children's book character. What's the reason? It was hallucinogenic "crazy honey," also known as "deli bal" in Turkish.

Are Bears Immune To Bee Stings?

Bears endure stings in order to obtain the prized pupae, larvae, and eggs found in a hive's brood comb. Adult bees attack bears' faces and ears but struggles to penetrate the fur on the rest of the body. Bears rush away with the brood comb and possibly some honey, shaking bees out of their fur like water.

Final Words

This experiment demonstrates that bears love honey, particularly the most expensive kind. Remember that Winnie the Pooh is a fictional illustration of this? However, few of us have witnessed the ursine's love of honey in action. However, one honey maker in Turkey has firsthand knowledge of a swarm of unpleasant bears.

He set out a selection of his jars of honey and jam on the table and waited to see which of his jars of honey Big Boy thought was the best. Big Boy clearly avoided the low-quality supermarket cherry jam produced with corn syrup. On the other hand, the bear loves the $300 Anzer Honey!

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