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The Best Erotic Movies That Will Wake Up Your Fantasies


There are certain days when you simply want to stay in your pajamas, watch Netflix, and hang out with your significant other.

We're talking about how often you want to indulge in binge drinking sessions or participate in every wedding you're asked to.

Don't you simply want to be with her and engage in activities that the two of you find enjoyable?

Undoubtedly, one of them is Netflix and "relaxing," and after a night of binge-watching movies, there is always some raw, intense, and steamy sex to follow.

While you're spending time together, we realize you don't need regular reminders of how to get each other on, but there's no harm in buffering a romantic movie to set the scene.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/best-erotic-movies/ by Kane Perkins on 2022-09-01T05:32:03.844Z

Therefore, we've selected 10 best erotic movies that will make your pants drop and your mojo swing like Tarzan.


A man and woman kissing
A man and woman kissing

Watch this movie simply to recreate the infamous "fingering while suspended in midair" moment with your crush!

At the conclusion, the movie becomes a little too dramatic and unsettling, but that sequence is still worth seeing!

A rerun of Cape Fear for young people.

Wahlberg assumes the De Niro character, wooing her stepmother as well as the virginal 16-year-old Nicole (Witherspoon) (Brenneman).

He seems to be a charmer, but Nicole's father (Petersen) soon realizes that he is really danger beneath.

He simply makes matters a great deal worse by trying to keep them apart. The movie, which is set in Seattle, gets off to a pretty gloomy start and finishes in Straw Dogs territory.

The theme of parental resentment is played with just enough to qualify as "subtext," but the text itself is clichΓ©d, and the temptation to take this macho piss-off battle seriously is all too strong.


A man pulling off a woman's top
A man pulling off a woman's top

It's a tad dramatic, but the sex scenes will make you crazy, and you'll like Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez's connection.

The title of the film implies that it is about being unfaithful (duh).

Do you remember "Murder" by Imraan Hashmi? Yes, this is a straight rip-off, but at least it has the sex scenes!

Adrian Lyne put an appropriate bookend on not only his career but the erotic thriller craze he helped start 20 years earlier with this tale of a bored housewife (Diane Lane, burning with both desire and guilt) who engages in a risky affair with a hot rando despite being married to the American Gigolo himself, Richard Gere, before coming out of semi-retirement with 2021's bewilderingly tepid Deep Water.

Unfaithful successfully completed the genre's cycle, and Lyne could've gone out on top while screwing off back to his castle or something.

He just needed to return so he could tell us about Ben Affleck's snail pets.

Poison Ivy

Two people kissing while raining
Two people kissing while raining

If you're seeking for another sensual thriller that will make your brain rush, try this one.

This film has it all, including the seductive Drew Barrymore, who rivals Sharon Stone in attractiveness.

Drew Barrymore's journey from gifted child star to adult actor wasn't quite seamless, like much of her early life, but this early '90s version of Lolita stands out as a highlight of her years spent in the wilderness.

Barrymore portrays a disturbed 17-year-old called Ivy (get the title now?) who attempts to seduce the father of an unhappy adolescent (Sara Gilbert) after becoming friends with her.

Wild Things

Two Women Kissing
Two Women Kissing

If you're searching for something thrilling to see, this 1998 sexual thriller is exactly up your alley. Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, and Denise Richards had hot sex in a scene that is pure gold.

Watch it for Neve and Denise's pool moment as well.

We were really taken aback by Denise's beauty. We have no doubt you will.

This unapologetically sleazy neo-noir is high on the list of films that probably wouldn't be greenlit today.

The narrative revolves on an affair between a high school teacher and his pupil and a sexual assault charge that may or may not have been made up.

Wild Things seemed pleasantly skeevy, especially the hotel pool trio starring Matt Dillon, Denise Richards, and Neve Campbell, which every young male who grew up in the 1990s has certainly retained to memory in contrast to many post-Basic Instinct sexual thrillers that tried for frigid stylishness.


A woman with wet dress while reading in the garden
A woman with wet dress while reading in the garden

Professor Humbert Humbert is a guy of classic, gentlemanly taste in literature and other fields of study.

He marries the newly widowed woman he meets in order to be near her young, attractive, and seductive daughter Lolita.


A woman serving a coffee to a man in the office
A woman serving a coffee to a man in the office

Everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, fell madly in love with the movie "Secretary" at the time, and of course they all got very turned on as well.

If you consider yourself to be attractive as hell, you're going to adore this one since it depicts some really seductive S & M role play.

Lee is a patient undergoing treatment for mental illness, and she even injures herself.

When she accepts a position as a respected lawyer's secretary, she twists the working connection into a sadomasochistic one that leaves them both clinging to their sense of reason.

Sex And Lucia

2 people after sex
2 people after sex

After becoming certain that her depressed writer lover, Lorenzo, murdered himself, Lucia flees to a lonely island.

There she meets two individuals with enigmatic ties to Lorenzo's history. After a time, she is no longer sure of what is real or true.

The Pillow Book

A man and woman taking a shower
A man and woman taking a shower

A Japanese model has a strange obsession with having calligraphers write on her body while she engages in various sex acts.

She eventually meets an Englishman who exceeds her expectations one day. The trouble started there.


Two people during sex
Two people during sex

Each week, Jay and Claire become horny. As the situation heats up, Jay starts to have questions about the lady and wants to learn more about her background.

However, his curiosity can interfere with their ideal setup and sabotage their upcoming sexual chemistry.


Two people talking in bed
Two people talking in bed

With each passing day of their romance, Murphy and Electra get more and more deeply entangled in a highly explosive relationship that transcends all boundaries.

Their experiments lead them to bring another lady into bed while they continue with their bizarre addiction, which upsets the equilibrium of the whole equation.


You have the highest chance of getting a taste of these films from the genre of movies you often watch.

By watching erotic movies you and your partner can have a hot night full of awakened fantasies from the world of movies, surely they are also great for masturbation.

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