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Best Outfits In GTA 5 You Should Try While Playing Game


GTA 5 is frequently praised for allowing players to change the appearance of their main characters at any time. Players can go to any clothing store in the game and simply buy whatever outfit they want. So, what are some best outfits in GTA 5?

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, the three main protagonists, can all be customized. With so many options, it's easy to become confused about which outfits are best for them. With that said, here are the some outfits in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online in 2022.

GTA Online Unique Outfits

Here are some of top best outfits in GTA 5:

Outbreak Outfit

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This all-black outfit is designed for players who want to stand out from the crowd. This particular outfit is heavily influenced by three distinct categories: tech wear, vintage wear, and combat wear. The Outbreak Outfit prepares the player for anything the game has to offer.

Here's how to achieve the look:

  • Purchase a Black Flight Suit and save it.
  • Use Black Trenchcoat.
  • Use Black Leather Gloves.
  • Use Black Large Cargos.
  • Use Heavy Uniform Boots.
  • Use Black T-shirt (save this outfit in another slot, call it Outfit 1).
  • Use Black Respirator Mask.
  • Use Black Dome Helmet.
  • Switch back to the Black Flight Suit you saved earlier.
  • Enter the strip club.
  • Switch back to Outfit 1.

The Tiger Costume

When compared to other outfits in the game, the Tiger Outfit has a different colour scheme. It has tiger stripes all over it and a sporty yet tactical appearance.

Players can display the bravery of a tiger while wearing this outfit, sending a strong message that they are not to be trifled with.

This outfit will require the following players:

  • Tiger Scuba Outfit.
  • Black Tact Gloves.
  • Tiger Knit Balaclava.
  • Tiger Quad Lens Outfit.

GTA V: Online - How to unlock all seven rare special outfits (2021)

Tommy Vercetti Outfit

The outfit pays homage to Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of the famous GTA Vice City game. The outfit maintains the same Miami, laid-back vibe as the original.

Vice City is one of the best games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and wearing this outfit will take players back in time.

This outfit requires the following items:

  • Blue Savanna Shortsleeve.
  • Faded Dark Blue Regular Fit Jeans.
  • White Plain Hi Tops.
  • Gold Crowex Chromosphere.

John Wick Outfit

This one doesn't need an introduction because the name says it all. The outfit is based on one of the most popular action films of all time, John Wick.

The iconic actor Keanu Reeves plays the character John Wick in the film. The outfit is elegant and can make your character look nearly identical to how he appears in the film.

Here's how to achieve the look:

  • Black Regular Suit Pants.
  • Black Smooth Fitted Jacket.
  • Black-Fitted Suit Vest.
  • Black Skinny Tie.
  • All-Black Oxfords

Grove Street Families Outfit #1

The outfit is modelled after the classic look of the Grove Street Families gang from the iconic GTA San Andreas. Grove Street is a location in GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas, and players can now make their characters appear to be members of the green clan.

CJ belonged to the Grove Street Families in GTA: San Andreas, and the gang is heavily featured in the game's story. Members of the gang are distinguished by their green-clad, 90s hip-hop attire.

Obtain the Grove Street Families Outfit #1:

  • Green Bold Check Shirt
  • Olive Work Pants
  • Green Plain Hi-Tops

Winter Soldier Outfit

The next outfit on our list bears a striking resemblance to the well-known MCU character, Winter Soldier, from the Captain America arc.

Despite the fact that he is not the main protagonist, he has his own fan base. Players can easily make their characters resemble him, minus the metal arm.

The following items are required for the entire outfit:

  • Surfer Dude Haircut (Black).
  • Devastated Eye Makeup.
  • Black Heist Pants.
  • Black Battle Vest.
  • Light Strike Ves.
  • Black Flight Boots.
  • Black Tact Gloves.
  • Black Bigness Face Ski Mask.
  • Mono Outlaw Goggles.

Firefighter Outfit

This outfit is bright in colour while still looking tactical, and it features the contrasting colour choices of a firefighter outfit. Wearing this firefighter outfit, players can simply roam the open world of GTA 5, waiting for an imaginary fire to be extinguished.

The following items are required for players to complete this look:

  • Black Turtleneck.
  • Orange and Red Strapz Vest.
  • White Surgical Gloves.
  • Stone Leather Half Face Mask.
  • Orange Firefighter and Goggles Helmet.

Kanye West Outfit

GTA 5 allows players to dress up as their favourite real-life artists. This means that if you want to make your character look like Kanye West in the game, you can.

If players have access to a Nightclub in the game, they can use this outfit to perfectly blend in with the party-loving crowd.

Here's what players will need to look like Kanye West, inspired by one of his casual looks:

  • Green Flight Bomber Jacket.
  • Knife After Dark T-Shirt.
  • Classic Faded Low Crotch Jeans.
  • Pearl Plain Hi Tops.

10 SECRET Outfits With HIDDEN Features You DIDN'T Know About In GTA 5 Online!

Reaper Costume

Hip-hop streetwear with a gothic twist. It's a stylish outfit that combines classic black and white with an urban camo touch for a streetwear vibe.

To obtain the Reaper outfit, follow these steps:

  • Black Bigness Waterproof Hoodie.
  • Purple Camo Muscle Pants.
  • Purple Strapz Vest.
  • White Cotton Gloves.
  • Black Tight Ski Mask.
  • Black Bulletproof Helmet.

Tryhard Red Bowtie Outfit

This is a stylish and tactical outfit for players who want to stand out as players who put in a lot of time in the game. This minimalistic outfit will turn heads and attract eyes with its overall black look and red bowtie.

Here's how to pull off this look:

  • Black Office Shirt.
  • Black Slim Fit Suit Pants.
  • Red Skate Shoes.
  • Red Bowtie.
  • Black Driving Gloves.
  • Black Bulletproof Helmet.
  • Black Casuals.

People Also Ask

Where Can I Find Good Outfits In GTA 5?

Diamond Casino in GTA Online sells fantastic clothing. Rockstar Games has given users who enjoy character customization a plethora of options. Those looking for the best and coolest clothing should go to the Diamond Casino.

How To Unlock Clothes In GTA 5 Story Mode?

  • Bed - Michael - Unlocked by default.
  • Exterminator - Franklin, Michael - Unlocked after The Jewel Store Job (Smart approach).
  • Golf - All three - Unlocked for a character after playing Golf as them.
  • Dock Worker - Trevor - Unlocked after Scouting the Port.

What Are Tryhard Outfits Gta You Must Try?

GTA Online outfits that will make players stand out:

  • Tiger Scuba Gear.
  • Tactical gloves in black.
  • Balaclava with Tiger Knit.
  • Tiger Quad Lens Set.

How Do I Make GTA V Look Beautiful?

  • MSAA should be used instead of FXAA.
  • Attempt VSync.
  • Reduce population density and variety.
  • Reduce the texture and quality of your grass.
  • Reduce the quality of your shaders.
  • Reduce reflection quality by deactivating reflection MSAA.
  • Reduce the resolution from 4K to Full HD or 720p.
  • Scaling distance should be reduced.

How Do You Look Badass In GTA?

  • Purchase and save a Black Flight Suit.
  • Wear a black trenchcoat.
  • Black leather gloves are recommended.
  • Use Large Black Cargos.
  • Heavy Uniform Boots should be worn.
  • Wear a black t-shirt (save this outfit in another slot, call it Outfit 1)
  • Wear a black respirator mask.
  • Make use of the Black Dome Helmet.


Grand Theft Auto V has received numerous accolades, and the game has always taken pride in the fact that the playable characters are highly customizable. While GTA: San Andreas allowed players to change CJ's muscle and fat, they made up for it by expanding the different clothing options for Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and, of course, your GTA Online character. With so many options, from jackets to pants to shoes to headwear, here are some best outfits in GTA 5.

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