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Betting Tips For You Favorite Sports


Sports are one of the best hobbies to enjoy in your free time. Being a fan of major league teams is exciting already, but some fans like to go a step further and really learn all of the details and intricacies of the sport. This leads dedicated fans to test their knowledge with free sign-up offersfrom comparison platforms such as oddschecker. If you are one of these passionate fans, here are some tips for a few popular sports.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the US and has spread to numerous countries across Europe and Asia. The fast-paced nature of the games, coupled with the skills and finesse of the players makes for a thrilling sport to watch. If you're a fan or a bettor, the NBA playoffs are the best time in the entire sport. This is the time where every team lets loose and shows what they are capable of without fear of injury or burning out for later games. After all, each performance is do or die. Athletes like LeBron James creates a dominant force that brings strong basketball bettingodds to their team, the Los Angeles Lakers. If you are someone that enjoys betting alongside watching the games, there are a few great tips to keep in mind.

First off, as basketball is a sport with a lot of games in the season, you should always check ahead of your favorite team’s schedule. A busy schedule against top teams can leave any squad drained. If you are a point spread bettor, you may also want to consider their upcoming competition. Your favorite team may be heavily favored to win their next matchup against a lower-ranked opponent, but instead of beating the spread, they conserve their energy because they have a much stronger team to face next week. Paying attention to little details like this is what separates seasoned bettors from the newcomers.



Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It seems like there is top-tier competition coming from almost every country these days, so naturally, everyone wants to dive in and learn about this phenomenon. While it may look straightforward on the surface, the truth is there is a lot happening in this sport that untrained viewers may not immediately understand and it is certainly not one of the easiest sports to pick up. The depth involved here is immense, and thus, learning more about the sport can ultimately help your betting chances. Here are some great tips to get you started.

In MMA, it’s all about the matchup. Fighters may seem unstoppable for a while, but then they face someone and look completely outclassed. Understanding the deeper mechanics of the sport will certainly help you get far. For instance, strikers like boxers and kickboxers often have problems against grapplers. If a striker has been winning multiple fights by knockout, look at his last few opponents. What were their strengths? Has this fighter faced someone that poses a wrestling threat?

Moneyline is a popular type of bet in MMA because it is straightforward and simple. While you may not be sure if a fighter will win by knockout or decision, moneyline bets allow you to just select the winner overall. Many platforms let you place bets in between rounds as well. If you would rather place a bet after you see how the combatants look in the first round, you can find a sportsbook that will cater to you.


American Football

The two most popular types of bets in American football are moneyline and spread bets. While this can be a sport with extraordinary depth, it also poses consistent opportunities for bettors. When you are looking at your team’s schedule, always consider their big home games versus division rivals. These are some of the most important games of the year. No team wants to lose at home, especially versus a division rival. Expect big opportunities here for your team to beat the spread or win overall with a moneyline bet.

Injuries are also a very important thing to keep a watchful eye on. A devastating injury to a key player can mean huge odds going one way or the other. In these situations, it is crucial to know your team’s roster. If your team’s quarterback is absent for a game, who is the backup? Is it a newly drafted rookie without any real experience, or is it the seasoned veteran who knows how to keep an offense going? Remember, odds are driven by the betting action and if you understand your team better than the opposition there can be some opportunities to take advantage of very favorable odds.



Baseball is a sport with immense history behind it. The biggest league by far is MLB, but there are of course many smaller leagues worldwide in places like Japan and across Latin America. Baseball has attracted sports bettors for decades due to the straightforward nature of the gameplay, as well as the mathematical and statistical based foundation. At its core, this is what the sport of baseball revolves around.

This is the first tip to keep in mind, if you want to be a serious baseball bettor you absolutely must know the stats. Every player has their own batting average and on-base percentage, among other factors. These stats are especially important when you are placing bets revolving around the runline or over/under. In these scenarios it is important to understand the depth of your team and how many runs each player consistently returns.

One of the most popular types of bets for baseball is moneyline. With moneyline bets, you are selecting which team you think will win overall. This is straightforward and simple to understand, but beginners normally fall into one trap. When you are betting, you need to put your emotions aside. Baseball is a sport where loyalty runs deep and beginners often select their favorite teams, or the usual best teams, or those that have the famous and recognizable players. To succeed with baseball betting, you have to focus on which team has the likely advantages. If you understand the real finer details of the sport, this often gives you an opportunity to find the value plays where certain teams have favorable odds considering the matchup.

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