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Kanye West's Wife, Bianca Censori Shields Most Daring Outfit Yet With Pillow

Bianca Censori shields most daring outfit yet with pillow amid controversy. The Yeezy architect and Kanye West face scrutiny after recent incidents.

Xander Oddity
Sep 11, 202326370 Shares356348 Views
Just days after being banned by an Italian water taxi company for "indecent exposure," Bianca Censori shields most daring outfit yet with pillow, displaying a unique form of modesty that has drawn public attention.
Although she wore one of her raciest outfits to date, she chose to cover herself with a throw pillow. Captured by paparazzi on Wednesday, Sept. 6 in Florence, the 28-year-old Yeezy architect and her unofficial husband, Kanye West, 46, have become the topic of conversation and investigation.

An Outfit And A Pillow - Dodging Local Norms?

The sheer, nude-colored tights and crop top combination, one of her raciest outfits to date, stayed the same as she has been seen in recently. What was different this time was a purple throw pillow she clutched to her chest. She was spotted leaving her hotel with Kanye West, also known for his audacious fashion choices, as they reportedly set out for a day of shopping at luxury brand Marni.
"The Yeezy architect, 28, was photographed leaving a hotel in Florence, Italy, early Wednesday morning wearing her go-to, see-through nude tights," Page Six reports.
Previously, Censori has chosen unconventional ways to shield her revealing outfits, eliciting a range of reactions from local residents. While last month she opted for a black bag to cover her torso, this time the purple throw pillow was her choice.
Bianca censori covering herself with purple pillow to cover herself from public.
Bianca censori covering herself with purple pillow to cover herself from public.
This act prompted speculation about whether she's adapting her fashion choices in response to recent controversies and the locals' displeasure.

Under Formal Investigation - What's The Deal?

The pair is now under formal investigation for their past indiscretions, that led to them being banned from a water taxi service.
"All tourists are expected to follow Venice's 'standards of public decorum,' with 'any breaches [being] severely punished'," a police source confirmed to the Daily Mail. The use of a pillow this time may be Censori's workaround to this sticky situation.
"'The offense being investigated is acts contrary to public decency, which is punishable by an administrative sanction', the police source continued, noting that 'any breaches are severely punished'." In response, Venice's councilor for public security, Elisabetta Pesce, criticized the couple for their "lack of respect" for the city.
Beyond the legal ramifications, there's growing concern among Censori’s close circle. Friends of Censori are growing increasingly concerned about her relationship with the controversial rapper.
"'Bianca is stuck, and her friends are trying to save her, but no one can because of the blockades Kanye has put up [around her]'," a close friend disclosed.
These comments deepen the intrigue around a couple that has already captivated the public’s attention for their bold fashion choices and behavior.
This comes after Kanye West's divisive behavior and comments in the recent past, including anti-Semitic tirades that stirred public outrage. Kanye West unofficially "married" Censori in a non-legally binding ceremony just two months after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized.


Between law enforcement scrutiny and friend concerns, the couple's future—much like their fashion choices—remains unpredictable. With public decorum, legal repercussions, and relationship complexities in the mix, the pillow might be the least intriguing part of the story yet.
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