‘Big Mouth’ Has Been Renewed For Three More Seasons On Netflix

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 29.07.19
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Big Mouth season three is on the way and will be with us this year, but now we can expect more after that!

We’ve known for a while that a third season would be on the way, with it being announced on Instagram back in November.

We all know what it’s like going through puberty; nothing makes sense, you can’t think straight, your body starts playing jokes on you and no matter who you are, there always seems to be someone going through it much better than yourself.

But for some reason, very few TV shows or films have decided to cover this. In general, they opt for the tail end of puberty to when people are more of less fully grown, or just before it.

You’d have thought that the awkward stage of your voice not matching your body would be a goldmine for content, but we never really got much about it; that was until Netflix’s Big Mouth came along.

Now, the truth is that Big Mouth isn’t actually really aimed towards the people who are going through the same things as the protagonists but, as an adult, it’s pretty fun to look back on the scenarios and thank our lucky starts that we don’t have to contend with them anymore.

With that, while we know a third season will be upon us this Autumn, it’s bloody lovely news that hear that further Big Mouth seasons have been commissioned for after that. Three seasons, in fact.

This was all teased a while back when co-creator Andrew Goldberg told Metro:

We’re deep into animation right now. We do some rewriting at the art and animation phase, but the show is mostly pretty set. We’re still fixing things that don’t quite work or changing things that don’t quite look right, but we’re into it.

When we first started, we were constantly worrying about whether we would have enough stories to tell. But so far, rather than scraping for ideas, we’re finding that we can’t do everything we want to do in a season. Some things we have to save for a season 4 for beyond.

This was then confirmed by the enormously talented Nick Kroll, who took to Instagram to say:

BIG MOUTH HAS BEEN PICKED UP FOR 3 MORE SEASONS!!! Thank you to our writers, cast, crew, Netflix and everyone around the world who watches the show!

Good news for all, eh?

We’ll keep you updated when we learn more.

Images via Netflix