Billie Eilish is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion, more or less making an entire style of her own – which is pretty impressive for an 18-year-old.

You can always count on her wearing something that’s either black with luminous details, or some matching, heavily-branded suit; both of which are very baggy. One thing that she’ll always wear though is a pair of trainers, because she bloody loves those things.

Honestly, Billie’s love for trainers is almost unparalleled. She went on sneaker shopping with Complex once and spent over $2000. That’s a lot of money to spend on a whim.

The point we’re trying to get across here is that Eilish loves trainers, so this recent incident with her dog has probably left her a little upset.

In her Instagram story, Billie recalled how when she got home she could smell that something wasn’t right, so she went to investigate.


I walk into my room and I smell sh*t.

I’m like, damn, did I step on sh*t in the yard and I came inside with it?

Checking her shoes, she saw that they were clean, so went to look further into the house. She went on:

This is what I find. This is what I f*cking find“.

Be warned, these pictures are very gross, so don’t scroll down if you’re eating or whatever…

There’s a lot of money invested in the affected shoes, such as the Yeezy Foam Runner sneakers, which have been customised with a Louis Vuitton print.


These are very hard to find and will usually set you back a few hundred dollars. Luckily, you can more or less run those under the tap…

The Jordan 1 -that are the most affected – cost just over $100, so that’s not too bad, but the retro 12s will set you back over $500.

The worst thing is that there’s a fair bit of mess on Eilish’s Air Jordan x Diors, which if you’re lucky cost around $6000.

They can go as high as $8000 though, and it’s not like there’s loads of them lying around…

Gross. Naughty dog.