Your summer has just been made.

There’s exciting times ahead for Biscoff Junkies who’ll now be able to get their next hit in liquid form. That’s right, a Biscoff topping sauce has arrived and it’s loaded with the classic caramel biscuit taste we know and cherish.

If that’s not heaven in a bottle, I don’t know what is.


The delicious topping sauce bottle is available to order right now from Amazon. The delivery giants started selling the squeezy bottle in June, at £12.99 per 1kg. Ok, so it’s not cheap but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the things you love and arguably, Biscoff is worth becoming cash-strapped for.

Plus, it beats having to put your chef’s hat on and attempting to turn the popular Biscoff spread into liquid Biscoff gold through trial and error on the stove.

We can now just buy the highly addictive sauce version and generously squeeze it onto ice-creams, cakes or have it by the spoonful after a stressful day at work, what’s not to like?

Die-Hard fans have already commented their appraisal on Money Saver Online’s Facebook post, the company who first discovered and shared the release of the topping sauce.

‪”There’s my diet completely gone out of the window” one fan said.

Another commented “Consider it bought.”


Some others are not quite convinced it’s worth the price. “£12.99 think I’ll stick to scooping some out the jar and melting it”.

A different fan said: “But only drawback is the price £12.99!!!!!”

This true fan came to the Brand’s defence and commented: “Half the people moaning its £12.99 will spent a 10er on 20 fags lol”.

They may have a valid point.

In case you’re not aware of the brand’s other products, they recently announced the launch of the new ‘Biscoff and Go’ pots, which you’ll be able to purchase in UK convenience stores such as Nisa, Costcutter and Spar for £1 over the coming months.

They’ll be produced in handy snack pots that’ll have a breadstick and dipping sauce layout, similar to Nutella & Go and Dairylea Dunker pots.


5 months earlier, the brand released their much-loved Biscoff ice-cream which, of course, was a hit.

They also sell Biscoff crumbs, Biscoff dispenser boxes, huge supplies of their beloved biscuits and Krispy Kreme sells Biscoff flavoured doughnuts. You can even grab a Biscoff T-shirt from Redbubble.

I wonder what product will be next for the Biscoff Brand as they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Biscoff toffees? Biscoff lollipops? Dare I say, Biscoff Crocs?

Whatever it is, my next blood test results will be screaming BISCOFF after binging on all of their products this summer.

Images via Biscoff