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Best Black Counter Spells Of Magic The Gathering


You might once believe that counterspells were only available to cards that were blue in Magic: The Gathering. But nothing could be further from the truth than that. MTG black counter spells do exist, despite not being printed as frequently in current Magic.

Black MTG Best CounterSpells

Here is a list of the best Magic: The Gathering black counter spells.

Stromgald Cabal

Stromgald Cabal has had four Top 8 Pro Tour finishes since its debut in 1995, but no Grand Prix Top 8 finishes. This card is a 2/2 creature with a triggered ability that functions as a counterspell, unlike the majority of cards that are counterspells, which are often instant.

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It can be countered by tapping it, paying one life, and then using a white spell on a target. Additionally, effects that stop or reroute this damage cannot be utilized to offset this death toll.

Dash Hopes

In 2013, the song "Dash Hopes" from the album "Planar Chaos" was made available. As a result, there have only been two significant, expert finishes.

Dash Hopes is a cheap counterspell that can block any targeted spell for just two black mana. That may appear to be a fantastic deal, and it usually is if you are using a deck that is designed to quickly reduce your opponent's life total.

Non-Blue Counters Spells for Commander [MTG / Magic: The Gathering / EDH]

Withering Boon

Withering Boon, first made available in 2013 as part of the Mirage set, is a standard counterspell with some extra bite. In 2013, it had one Top 8 finish in a Commander Major competition, and more recently in France, it had another Top 8 finish in a Major competition.

One may argue that it is less expensive than Dash Hopes because just one of the two mana that must be used to purchase it must be black.

Imp's Mischief

This card, which was first released in 2007 as part of the Planar Chaos collection, has finished in the Top 8 of eleven Grand Prix competitions, including one victory. Additionally, it placed in the Top 5 for the 2007 Pro Tour in Geneva.

This uncommon Instant is very inexpensive, only costing one black and one colorless mana, and instead of blocking a target spell, it can only redirect it.

"Change the target of target spell with a single target," reads its ability. This means that you have the option of sending an opponent's spell to a card you control that can deal with its effect.

People Also Ask

Is There A Black Counterspell?

Yes, there are black counterspells in MTG.

Does Countering A Spell Destroy It?

Yes, a spell or ability is canceled and removed from the stack when it is countered. There is no resolution, and none of its repercussions take place. A countered spell is placed in the graveyard of its owner.

How Do Counter Spells Work?

You make an attempt to stop a creature from casting a spell. The creature's spell fails and has no effect if it is casting a spell of third level or lower. Make a skill check with your Spellcasting ability if it is Casting a Spell of 4th Level or above.


Due to the fact that many black counterspells were printed many years ago, they aren't as widely recognized among new Magic players. However, if you're seeking to add one, two, or even three black counter spells, above are some of the greatest black counterspells you might be using.

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