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Black Magic Tire Glitter Is Available At Amazon


Who came up with the idea of ​​making a black magic tire glitterspray? If you think glitter can make everything better, then you will love this car spray.

Customer reviews are really great about black magic tire glitter car spray. One reviewer has praised this glitter spray for car tires that this spray gave his car tires the brilliance they always lacked.

Before and after of a tire after using black tire car spray
Before and after of a tire after using black tire car spray

Black Magic Tire Wet Details

Looking for a fresh new way to add spices to your car? This silver spray is easy to apply to tires and lasts for several weeks.

The glitter of silver gives the tire a unique shine and attracts everyone's attention. In addition, it does not harm the tires and can be easily removed with the BlecheWhite Tire Cleaner.

This set includes an easy-to-use applicator. Even in the rain, the glitter will remain until it disappears within a few weeks.

Your car will come back to life and you will feel like a glittering king or princess as you drive down the street! This product is exploding on social media, so order until it's out of stock.

Tire glitter bottle and silver glitter on a car tire
Tire glitter bottle and silver glitter on a car tire

People Also Ask

How Long Does Black Magic Tire Shine Take To Dry?

Lightly spray the tire wet onto a clean, dry tire sidewall. Leave the product for 13 minutes for a brilliant, shiny glow.

What To Put On Tires To Make Shiny?

The most common household products used as glitter spray for car tires are castor oil, lemons, vegetables, olives, baby oils, and even brake fluid and other oils. Natural oils such as casters and lemons are said to condition the gum without drying it. In addition, the oil gives the tire a wet, shiny look that resembles the brilliance of solvent-based tires.

Does Tire Shine Destroy Tires?

When used properly, tire shine should not accelerate rot, cracking, and browning like acids and other cleaning agents. If you avoid burning your car outdoors and clean your tires regularly, you don't have to worry.


Have you ever tried this black magic car glitter? Do you love it? Do let us know.

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