Black Panther Spotted Wandering On Rooftops In French Town

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 20.09.19

Unusually for France, a panther was spotted wondering around a town and this one wasn’t pink.

The French town of Armentières, near Lille, got a slight shock when a young black panther managed to escape from wherever it was boing kept, seemingly just to do some casual tourist things.

Now, usually when there’s a “big cat sighting”, it’s in Essex and it turns out to be a bigger-than-normal tabby cat or something, but this one was genuinely a panther.


It was young, mind, at around five or six months old and at 20kg, was roughly the size of a lovely Labrador. D’awww.


The panther roamed the French streets, stopping to watch the trains every so often or get distracted by local normal-sized cats.

It then found its way into a house, which had a 15-year-old girl in it.

Not a fan of being mauled, the girl promptly fled and alerted the necessary authorities.


Happily though, the big cat wasn’t aggressive and as Kader Laghouati, from the Animal Protection League, has it, was completely domesticated, with clipped claws and everything. A vet checked up on the panther and confirmed that it was in perfectly fine health.

A vet was eventually able to get the panther with a tranquilliser, perform the necessary checks and send it off to where it is now, a local zoo.


Police are currently looking for the owner to find out where the animal came from, while the Animal Protection League are also interested, presumably not being into keeping wild animals as pets, and wanting to know what conditions it was kept in.

A permit is needed to keep such a beast as a pet, and police say that panthers can be bought for as much as €30,000.

The likely scenario is that the panther was trafficked, which is highly illegal and why the owner hasn’t yet come forward. while a permit is needed, they’re almost impossible to get a hold of.

Images via Twitter, Animal Protection League