Baba Vanga Has Some Grim 2020 Predictions

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 24.12.19

Blind Mystic Baba Vanga’s back at it again, with her ghastly predictions for the year to come. They’re not looking good, that’s for sure.

If you’ve not heard of her before, Baba Vanga was a mystic, who apparently predicted many of the terrible things this world has seen in its recent past. She died in 1996 – presumably replaced by myself – but her predictions go way up to 5079.

I’ve got to say, if she wasn’t blind and she hailed from, say, Sheffield, I’m not sure anyone would have paid any attention to her, but there’s something beguiling about being from Bulgaria, wearing one of those headscarfs, being blind from an early age and having a name like Baba Vanga.


While many of her predictions have been almost laughably wrong, the mystic apparently has an 85% success rate, meaning that we should all heed her warnings.

baba vanga young

For 2020, she had a few things to say, starting with Donald Trump.

The 45th president will succumb to a disease that will see him deaf and suffering from a brain tumour, while Putin will be subject to an assassination attempt. Whether or not it’s successful is unclear.


While Baba Vanga “predicted” the 2004 Tsunami that hit Japan, she’s doubled down on that sentiment and said that 2020 could see the destruction of the Asian continent entirely. Along with that, a meteorite will hit Russia (when it rains, it pours for them) and as a cherry on top of the delicious cake, the European continent could reach ‘the end of its existence’.

baba vanga 2020

Why do these Nostradamus sorts always predict horrible things? Why’s there never any “the United Kingdom will see a really nice summer in 2020. Oooh it’ll be lovely“? That’s what I want to hear.


I think I’ve worked out this Baba’s formula. She has an 85% success rate and it’s clear that the specific predictions don’t come to fruition; it’s the vague ones that come true.

What’s a big place? Europe. What’s similar to the European continent? The European Union. What could be conceived as “the end of existence”? Somewhat breaking up. The European continent could reach ‘the end of its existence’ in 2020 = The United Kingdom will leave the EU in 2020.


Just be vague and say scary things. Here’s my prediction for 2021; The world will face adversity in some form. Here’s my other prediction for 2021; aliens will eat the dog from I am Legend.

Watch as I get a 50% success rate. Less Baba Vangas and more Baby Yodas in my 2020 please, sis.

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