Your dog needs one of these B&M cooling mats this summer.

Summer is hard enough to cope with when you’re human who can drink what and when they like, stick the aircon on if they’re too hot and if they’re uncomfortable in a building, they can leave.

For dogs it’s another story, as they’re only as comfortable as their owners allow them to be. Not that owners don’t want their dogs to be comfortable, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’re after.


What would be good if is there was some kind of mat that they could go and lie on if they got too hot, rather than just suffering in silence like the little martyrs that they are. Well it turns out they exist.

dog cool mat

Courtesy of B&M, you ca get one of these £4.99 mats for your dog that instantly cool them down when they step on them…

What’s cool is that they come in a variety of fruit patterns, so your dog can look chill whilst they chill and if they’re a particular well-to-do mutt, they can get the more expensive option, costing £12.99. This particular mat is infused with citronella essential oils that both repels insects and aids relaxation.


The cooling mats also help with allergies, heat stroke, skin conditions and post-surgery ailments, so they’re brilliantly multifunctional.

On a more human  note, it looks like a cooing mattress topper could be the answer to ours problems with cooling down in bed, and happily this one is being sold by Argos, rather than some company in America that charges £60 for delivery.

Annoyingly, the mattress topper comes in at £69.99 and comes in single bed-size, meaning that you’ll probably have to get two if you want full coverage, but I guess you can’t put a price on good sleep; something medical journals keep blaming the lack off for very poor health.


gel cooling mattress topper

The product description reads:

In the warmer weather many people get uncomfortably hot and can’t sleep. The cool mattress topper solves that problem. The secret is in the sealed gel packs that react to your body heat to create a ‘dry’ cooling sensation. The mattress topper is seam free and finished in luxurious cotton ready to pop under your sheet. Besides cooling you down, the pads are fantastic for headaches, sunburn, hot feet, hot flushes and to combat high temperatures caused by ailments or medication.”

I suppose we have to take their word for it. I’m not actually going to buy one so I couldn’t possibly comment. The reviews are pretty middle-of-the-road too, so I can’t even point you to those.

Stay cool, folks.

Images via B&M, Argos, Getty