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Body-to-body Massage Seduction - Create The Desired Atmosphere And Get To Work

When you two are together getting a sexual massage, their loving touch, personal touch, and desire to make you happy all come into play. We're providing some tips with you on how to do an adult massage of professional level in your own house to assist you enjoy the pleasure of a sensual, seductive massage. To learn how to prepare for a body-to-body massage seduction, expert massage advice, and the last five recommendations for delivering a sensual massage that will change their life, keep reading!

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When it comes to intimacy, the art of massage, especially sensual massage, often takes a backseat. In actuality, anybody can do a seductive massage! A few pointers and the capacity to delight in it as much as your spouse do are all that are required! Not to add, receiving a sensual or sexual massage from your partner is just so lovely (and hot).
When you two are together getting a sexual massage, their loving touch, personal touch, and desire to make you happy all come into play. We're providing some tips with you on how to do an adult massage of professional level in your own house to assist you enjoy the pleasure of a sensual, seductive massage. To learn how to prepare for a body-to-body massage seduction, expert massage advice, and the last five recommendations for delivering a sensual massage that will change their life, keep reading!

Turn Your Bedroom Into An Oasis

If you have kids and want to maintain privacy, you may set up shop in any room. Make sure the space is clutter-free and spotless. It is hard to appreciate the romanticism of a hot massage when the environment makes you feel unclean.

Scatter Tea Light Candles Around The Room

Heart-shaped candles and rose petals
Heart-shaped candles and rose petals
A seductive and mysterious atmosphere is produced by soft lighting. Rose petals may be used as decoration, a clean sheet or towel should be spread out (massage oils can cause a mess), and soothing musicshould be played in the background (if you need ideas, search for "ambient noise" on Google). A blindfold may be used to block other outside disturbances. We like the floating tea lights in this cute couples massage package if you're up for treatments in the bathtub!

Draw Your Spouse A Nice, Warm Bath

A bath is a great way to start the night. While you prepare for the massage, let your partner relax. Additionally, before you start, this will aid in relaxing and warming up your muscles.

Warm Up Your Hands By Rubbing Them Together

Before applying the oil to your spouse, warm it in your hands or, as the spas do, submerge the bottle in a bowl of warm water. I heartily endorse Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy line's Stress Relief Massage Oil. I also have a little travel candle with the same perfume, which I'll light and place nearby to emit a nice, relaxing scent. The edible Kama Sutra massage oil range is an additional fantastic choice.

Start Out With A Light Touch

Remind yourself that your goal is to excite, and adjust your pressure appropriately. Start by making few lengthy, oil-free strokes down from the head to the toes. So that you are just touching the body's hairs, touch extremely softly. To begin the massage, you could even want to try using fur or a feather duster. Apply some oil to your hands and give the back a lengthy, gentle massage.
You may stand behind their head and give them backstrokes up the sides and down the back towards the spine. The Kama Sutra brand of massage oil candle is a favorite among the Divas. An additional option is a heart warming massager. It's a heated massage pad that works wonders for easing stress, alleviating pains, and releasing muscular tension. It's also washable! Warming up before a romantic massage is crucial for both you and your lover.

Massage Everywhere

A woman putting massage oil on her boyfriend's shoulder
A woman putting massage oil on her boyfriend's shoulder
You may massage the insides of the elbows and knees, as well as the wrists, fingers, ears, back of the neck, and other places that are likely little massaged. Till your partner is completely at ease, run your fingertips over his or her scalp and massage each finger and toe. You are welcome to stroke, kiss, lick, and even nip these neglected areas.
Your attention to detail will make your partner feel valued. Give a sensuous massage to other areas of your body if your hands tend to become tired too fast. You may also use your oiled arms, chest, and stomach in addition to your hands. Of course, this is the idea behind erotic massage.

Sexy Massage Tips

You now understand the fundamentals, but if you want your erotic massage to go beyond just relaxation, here are a few additional highly seductive pointers.

How to Turn Her On with Sensual Massage

  • Massage someone barefoot. Skip the clothing entirely and tell your partner where you think things are going. Giving a massage while undressed enables you to apply more than just your hands to the recipient's body.
  • Play a seductive playlist. Instead of background music, look for a sensual music playlist on Spotify or YouTube. Music may help you achieve your objective of creating a profoundly sensuous experience.
  • Grasp the most delicate regions lightly. Rub down every area of the body with your erotic massage. But when you reach the spots that a trained masseuse would avoid, lightly run your fingertips over them. Your nude massage will advance thanks to this teasing action.
  • Use a different tool than your hands. Change things up by utilizing a body part other than your hands while you are massaging each muscle and gently tickling them all around. Your toes, your lips, your tongue, and all of your teeth! Take part in this wonderful massage with your whole body.
  • Give them the option to decide where you will touch them. Let your partner choose one more location to get your attention after massaging them. You now own all the power and have created the expectation. You may now let your partner choose the location of your touch, massage, or kiss.

For Women

Are you unsure about the proper gear to wear when delivering an erotic massage? Consider a silk chemise. Your spouse will like the way that silkiness feels on his skin as you work the muscles in his back. Alternately, ramp up the heat even more by becoming nude and massaging someone. The secret to an amazing sensual massage is to feel good about yourself while you offer it.

For Men

Especially by their partner, women like being caressed. It is both soothing and energizing. Don't push too hard; you just want to soothe and relax her. You won't go wrong if you pay attention to how her body is responding to you.

The Pros Of A Sensual Massage

A man with his hand on his woman's ass
A man with his hand on his woman's ass
Reaching a higher degree of sexual pleasure and connection with your spouse is not the sole goal of sensual and erotic oil massages. Your physical and emotional welfare may both be greatly improved by a quality massage.
  • Relaxation and stress relief- Like any form of massage, a sensual massage can help relax the body and reduce stress. The gentle and intimate touch can release tension in the muscles and promote a sense of overall relaxation.
  • Increased intimacy and connection- Sensual massages can be a way for partners to connect on a deeper level. It promotes emotional closeness, trust, and a sense of intimacy between the individuals involved. It can enhance communication and foster a stronger bond.
  • Heightened pleasure and arousal- Sensual massage often involves using techniques that are designed to stimulate erogenous zones and increase sexual pleasure. It can help individuals explore and discovernew sensations, leading to heightened arousal and sexual satisfaction.
  • Body awareness and self-confidence- Through sensual massage, individuals can develop a greater awareness of their own bodies and learn to appreciate their physical selves. It can help build body confidence and improve self-esteem.
  • Enhanced sensitivity and sensory awareness - Sensual massage involves the use of different techniques to stimulate the senses, such as soft touches, feather strokes, or warm oils. This heightened sensory experience can increase sensitivity and create a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

Accessories You'll Need For Sensual Massage

When it comes to sensual massage, the choice of accessories can contribute to creating a pleasurable and intimate atmosphere. Here are some accessories you might consider for a sensual massage:

Massage Oils Or Lubricants

Sensual massages often involve using oils or lubricants to reduce friction and enhance the touch. Choose high-quality massage oils or specifically formulated sensual lubricants that are safe for use on the body.

Soft, Clean Sheets Or Bedding

Using clean and comfortable sheets or bedding sets the stage for a relaxing and inviting environment. Opt for soft and luxurious fabrics that feel pleasant against the skin.

Candles Or Dim Lighting

Soft and warm lighting can create a romantic and intimate ambiance for a sensual massage. Candles, especially scented ones, can add a soothing and sensual element to the atmosphere. Ensure that the candles are placed safely and never left unattended.

Music Or Sounds

Selecting the right background music or soothing sounds can enhance the sensual experience. Choose soft, slow-tempo tunes or nature sounds that create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Feather Tickler Or Silk Scarf

Feather ticklers or silk scarves can be used to gently tease and stimulate the body during a sensual massage. They can heighten sensitivity and add an element of anticipation and pleasure.

Warm Towels Or Blankets

Having warm towels or blankets nearby can provide comfort and relaxation, particularly when they are used to cover the recipient's body during breaks or after the massage.

Sensory Items

Consider incorporating sensory items like aromatic essential oils, scented petals, or soft plush toys to engage additional senses and enhance the sensual experience.
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People Also Ask

What's The Meaning Of Body To Body Massage?

A body-on-body massage is a sort of massage that uses the masseuse's own body and bare skin rather than massage oil or lotion. This kind of massage makes use of leverage, one's own body weight, and deft positioning of limbs to thoroughly massage the muscles.

What Happens In Full Body Massage For Men?

The therapist will start at the shoulders and back before working down the body. About halfway through the treatment, the client turns over, and the therapist starts working back up the body, generally finishing with the neck, shoulders, and sometimes the scalp. Pectoral massages are also available for men.

What Happens In A Couples Massage?

How do couples' massages work? A couples massage is a two-person shared experience where each participant gets a soothing massage from the therapist. The massages are given simultaneously, in a private room, on several massage beds (one for each individual).

How Can A Sensual Massage Enhance Intimacy In A Relationship?

Sensual massage can enhance intimacy by fostering trust, communication, and emotional connection between partners. It allows for the exploration of sensuality, increased physical and emotional closeness, and the opportunity to discover and fulfill each other's desires.


In conclusion, sensual massage can offer a range of benefits for individuals and couples who are interested in exploring their sensuality and enhancing their intimate connection. When conducted with clear communication, consent, and respect, sensual massage can promote relaxation, stress relief, increased intimacy, heightened pleasure, improved body awareness, and enhanced sensory experiences.
It is important to prioritize the comfort and boundaries of all individuals involved and to create a safe and consensual environment throughout the massage. By approaching sensual massage with care and consideration, it can be a valuable tool for deepening emotional and physical connections in relationships and promoting overall well-being.
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