Conspiracy theories and anti-vaxxers are everywhere on social media, but now they’re spreading their message in books too.

Books with anti-vaccination themes are being sold on Amazon and the websites of Waterstones and Foyles. Critics want warnings to be added to these books to try and stop the fearmongering.

Some of the top-selling titles on Amazon include: ‘Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying’, and ‘Vaccine-nation: Poisoning The Population, One Shot At A Time’.

Data on the websites suggest that there has been a big increase in sales since the pandemic began.

High Street Stores

Sky News found it isn’t just Amazon selling these books.

High Street names including Waterstones and Foyles are also selling books that spread these theories. It’s not just Covid either, there are even titles denying that AIDS is a contagious disease.

The increase in sales for these titles is concerning. They come at a time when the vaccination roll-out is gathering speed around the world.