Border Collie Saves Flock Of Sheep From Australian Fires

Joseph FurnessJoseph Furness in News, World
Published 07.01.20

In the darkness of the Australian fires, there are stories of joy to be found. This story is of Patsy: a Kelpie-Border Collie who risked her life to save a flock of sheep.

As we continue to make donations from overseas to the emergency of the Australian fires, humble wins are being celebrated in-land.


In the small town of Corryong, Victoria, bushfires continue to burn the landscape. Here is where we find Patsy ‘the wonder dog’, a truly valiant canine.

Patsy is a 6-year-old Kelpie/Border Collie working dog who has shown tremendous bravery during the fires of Oz.

She has helped her owner save an entire flock of sheep, a small feat that is inspiring hope across the country.


Even as the fires grew closer to Patsy and her owner’s house, the duo risked their lives to save their sheep from incineration.

The sheep were directed by Patsy to the safest paddock on the farm as her owner took to his tractor with a tank of water in an attempt to calm the chaos.

Since Patsy’s owner isn’t one to use social media, his sister Cath has created an Instagram account for Patsy to share her heroic story.  (Don’t worry, he gave her permission.)


Cath spoke to Metro about the fires saying: “It’s like Armageddon. Everyone is just trying to get water and feed to their animals, shoot the ones that can’t be saved, get temporary fences up to keep stock secure, and put out all the logs and stumps still burning”.

She continued in saying: ‘It’s unbelievable and it’s only going to get worse. That’s why we put Patsy’s story out there. ‘People need something positive’.

Corryong has been hit hard by the fires and Cath fears that the worst is yet to come as more hot and windy weather is forecasted to come later this week.

Another resident of the town, Matt Wilson, has set up a GoFundMe page to help finance the community’s rescue mission. You can donate to the cause right here.



In related news, nearly 200 people have been arrested for deliberately starting the bushfires in Australia (and here was me thinking it was a natural disaster).

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