Boris Johnson Lands New Brexit Deal

Joshua AitkenJoshua Aitken in News, UK
Published 17.10.19

It’s a busy day in Westminster, as this morning it was announced that Boris Johnson has agreed a Brexit deal with the EU’s Michel Barnier.

It’s understood that the Prime Minister made a phone call this morning to confirm the final deal (meaning if it passes we can say we dumped the EU over the phone… Savage!).

What’s changed?

We’re yet to see any published text on the deal, but we can get a good idea of what’s being offered.


The biggest thing being advertised is that the controversial Irish Backstop has gone. Here’s a tweet from Johnson himself…

Since this came our we’ve received confirmation of exactly what replaces the backstop:

  1. There will be no borders, rather, both Ireland and Northern Ireland will share a set of compromised rules between the EU and UK for frictionless trade.
  2. There will be no customs border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and no border between Northern Ireland and the EU. Honouring the Good Friday Agreement and the Union of the UK.
  3. After 4 years the Northern Irish assembly will be allowed to vote on the enforced arrangement to confirm they want it to continue.

boris johnson brexit deal

Now, this seems a relatively big concession from the EU here. But there are still some issues, firstly they’ve kept uncomfortably tight-lipped about how issues surrounding VAT have been resolved, secondly, they haven’t actually solved the problem in Northern Ireland, rather they’ve taped the issue up with duck tape and pushed the problem back for a couple of years.

It might sound great… but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get through Parliament.


Will the deal get through Parliament?

Nowadays, journos have pretty much thrown precedence out of the window and just accepted we need to expect the unexpected.

Here’s the responses of some hardline Brexiteers.

So we can see that the prime minister has the support from that extreme of the party. What about the other extreme? Well the problem is, Johnson kicked 21 of them out the party, so they’ve got little to no reason to want to support this. This means that Boris Johnson has no majority in Parliament, so would need to look for support from other parties… and he hasn’t received great support.


Here’s his old allies the DUP

It won’t surprise you to hear the Lib Dems and SNP are against the deal, because they’re…well… just against Brexit all together

So what about Labour? Well they would be okay with Brexit if we had a close relationship with the EU and were endorsed by a second referendum. But this move is further away from that…

How about the Labour Brexiteer rebels? They went against the party in the last vote to support Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, will they do it again?


No. Apparently not.

As if this wasn’t bad enough… here’s what Emperor Brexit himself Nigel Farage thinks…

So it’s fair to say the Johnson has the odds stacked against him!

What’s next for Boris Johnson and Brexit?

All that’s left is for the deal to be published and then voted on. It’s believed that the debate will happen tomorrow with a final vote happening on a special Saturday sitting.


If the deal passes it might be the biggest miracle since the Gavin and Stacey reunion! If it fails… who knows what’s next?!

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