Boy Injured In Freak Trampoline Accident After Getting Six-Inch Spring Embedded In His Back

Olivia MulliganOlivia Mulligan in News, UK
Published 05.09.19

A 12-year-old schoolboy was injured after a trampoline spring broke off and tore through his shirt.

Jamie Quinlan, 12, was playing on his friend’s trampoline in Louth, Lincolnshire on Saturday August 31. A fun pastime that many children usually enjoy.

However, it soon became dangerous when a spring from the trampoline, measuring six-inches, broke off the structure and flew into Jamie’s back at 70mph.

The schoolboy, who also has a brother William, 16, and sister Lizzie, 21, felt a ‘strange and heavy‘ sensation in his back, before he realised what had happened.

trampoline freak accident

The spring became lodged into Jamie’s back, and the injuries could have proven fatal had it became embedded just centimetres further near his spine.

The accident involving a child is one which every parent fears, and this shocking turn of events had Jamie’s parents, Ian, 62, and Sandra, 55, terrified of losing him.

He was rushed to a hospital in Sheffield by ambulance, where he underwent emergency surgery to remove the spring lodged into his back, which left a two-inch hole.

boy stabbed with trampoline spring

Jamie’s family have since spoken out about the horrific accident, urging people to be more cautious about the safety of trampolines.

His sister Lizzie Quinlan, posted on Facebook raising awareness:

“So on Saturday my little brother had a lengthy trip to Sheffield trauma hospital after playing on a trampoline with his friends, a spring snapped and launched at him and got lodged into his back. He had a procedure to get it removed, he was so so lucky as it could’ve been a lot worse. I never realised that trampolines could actually be a danger so just be careful as they clearly aren’t as safe as I thought. He is home now safe and sound”.

Speaking to The Hook, Lizzie said:

“He is doing a lot better now, he is still fairly shaken up and has taken a few days off school. I think he will play on one again eventually, but I’m sure he will ensure that it is safe and has a cover over the springs.

“I was quite shocked about it when I found out what had happened as I’ve never heard of it happening to some before!”

Thankfully, young Jamie was able to get the medical attention he needed, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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