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Boy Wears Skirt To Class As Protest To School Shorts Ban In Scorching Heat


A male student at Marple Hall School in Stockport made a bold statement as the boy wears skirt to class as protest to school shorts ban. The school implemented a strict dress code policy that banned shorts for boys, despite soaring temperatures. The decision to wear a skirt was a creative response to the school's refusal to accommodate alternatives for male students, such as 13-year-old Bodhi Gillion.

Male Student Protests School's 'No Shorts' Policy By Wearing Skirt

The school sent a letter to parents, suggesting that students who wished to wear skirts due to the hot weather could pair them with tights or ankle socks. However, this option was not extended to students who typically wore trousers, including Bodhi. Frustrated by the unfairness of the dress code, Bodhi decided to take a stand and express his protest by wearing a skirt on Thursday, June 15.

Bodhi's sister, Taylor, shared Bodhi's story with the Manchester Evening News.

Bodhi went into school without his blazer last Monday and got sent home to put it back on and come back in. I had told him that morning that there would be no point in him taking it because it was hot and he won't be wearing it. It was about 30°C that day.- Taylor, Bodhi's sister

On Wednesday, he went in wearing shorts because of the heat and got sent home to put his trousers on. Prior to that, there was an email saying that girls could come in with skirts without tights on and short socks, so we thought he would be fine with shorts.- Taylor, Bodhi's sister

Bodhi in a school skirt
Bodhi in a school skirt

We were told that shorts weren't part of the uniform and weren't allowed. Bodhi thought it was really unfair, so asked my mom to order a skirt for him so he could still be in uniform and be cooler in the weather.- Taylor, Bodhi's sister

Bodhi's bold act of resistance has inspired some of his classmates to join him. Taylor shared, "Some of his mates are going to try and go into skirts now. They want to do it as part of a silent protest. They don't think it's fair."

In response to the situation, a spokesperson for Marple Hall School gave statement to the MEN.

We do expect students to continue to wear uniform in line with our expectations, but in periods of hot weather, the school ensures that steps are taken to support students and promote their welfare. This includes encouraging students to bring drink bottles and ensuring they have access to water coolers, encouraging students to stay in shaded areas at break times, ventilating and shading classrooms, and allowing students to attend school without their blazer.- Marple Hall School's spokesperson

Marple Hall School
Marple Hall School

Marple Hall School emphasizes that their complete uniform policy can be found on their website. The school aims to strike a balance between enforcing uniform regulations and considering students' well-being during extreme weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

While the school's intention may be to maintain consistency in the uniform policy, Bodhi's decision to wear a skirt highlights the importance of flexibility and fairness in dress code rules. By challenging the status quo, he has sparked a silent protest among his peers, amplifying the call for a more inclusive and weather-appropriate dress code.

As temperatures rise, it remains to be seen whether Marple Hall School will reconsider its dress code policy in response to the concerns raised by Bodhi and his fellow students. In the meantime, this act of defiance serves as a reminder that sometimes, thinking outside the box is necessary to bring attention to inequities and advocate for change.

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