B&Q Is Selling A Paddling Pool With Seats For An Absolute Steal

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 23.04.19

The weather over this past bank holiday weekend was absolutely beautiful and I miss it intensely.

I spent three days drinking with my friends in Victoria Park and the only thing that wasn’t perfect was that it might have been too hot at some point.

Now I’m not a fan of sitting in the shade because that seems like a waste of good weather, but what would have been nice would have been a pool.


There wasn’t a pool at my part of Victoria Park – just several people exhibiting outrageous PDA and someone who kept throwing a frisbee at us – so I would have had to have brought my own (god knows how I’d fill it).


Sure, you can get some basic paddling pool from Argos that will make you look like Homer Simpson in his front garden, or you could get this amazing inflatable pool from B&Q for £25.


While your run-of-the-mill paddling pool is just a glorified bowl, this one has headrests, seats and cup holders. This pool holds you cups. Not even the posh infinity pools that you get in hotels in Dubai hold your cups. And they cost way more.


The Bestway pool holds 152 litres of water (or wine) and is half price at B&Q, compared to the full £50 available at Argos. The bargain was found by a woman who shared it on the ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK’ Facebook group and, you know, they’re extreme. She wrote:

My children wanted this pool but at £49.99 in Argos I thought it was too expensive.

“Today we spotted it in B&Q for £24.99.

“We used an electric pump to blow it up and it was done in seconds.”


Not quite a review but there you have it. The pool exists and you can buy it.


It’s weird that you don’t get more black paddling pools that get heated up by the sun, isn’t it? Isn’t that slightly odd?

I suppose the point is that they’re supposed to cool you down but everyone’s main gripe with the ocean is that it’s too cold. There’s such a thing as being too cooled down.


I’m just thinking out loud. The article’s finished now.

Images via Bestway, Fox, Getty