Bran Stark Actor Has Just Ruled Out A Huge Long-Standing ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 11.03.19
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Fans theories are an inescapable by-product of awesome TV.

Like, you never get fan theories about stuff that’s crap, because nobody cares. No, the sign of a great TV show is getting people talking even when it’s not on the airwaves, which Game Of Thrones has managed to do ridiculously well.

At this point, it’s all just conjecture as to what will happen in the eighth and final season of the show, but it’s fair to assume there’ll be big battles and plenty of bittersweet deaths.

However, one fan theory has remained constant for a good while now, and that’s that Bran Stark is the Night King.

The general consensus among those that believe it’s true reckon that his transition into the Night King occurs when the Children of the Forest pierce a man’s heart with dragonglass, creating the first White Walker to protect them from mankind.

Bran wargs into the man’s body and becomes the first White Walker, AKA The Night King. Bran attempts to stop the Children of the Forest creating the White Walkers but inadvertently becomes the Night King himself. That’s pretty much how the theory goes.

But, and it’s a very big BUT, this long-held theory might be wide of the mark.

In fact, the actor who plays Bran, Isaac Hempstead, is actually pretty sick of the link and insists it’s not the case.

“Whenever I post anything on Instagram I just have a barrage of comments going “Night King! Hello Night King! You are Night King! Hello the Night King!” he said to

“I mean, I suppose Bran is quite an interesting character to theorise over because of his whole link to time travel and whatnot. Because you can kind of get away with anything theory-wise and make it sound convincing if you’ve got time travel involved.”

He added: “I mean it’s quite an interesting theory, the Night King one. I just think it seems a bit obvious. A bit cheesy.”

I mean, I suppose he would say that to throw us off the scent – much like Kit Harrington did over Jon’s will he/won’t he resurrection.

Furthermore, Bran was notable in his absence in the teaser trailer which dropped a few months back.

Speaking about his exclusion he laughed: “Yeah, I don’t know what the f*ck that’s about. I actually don’t know why I’m not in that.

“We were looking at it and I was like, “Why am I not in this? All the other Starks are in it.” So I dunno – ask my agent. Get a look in there.”

This comes after the Night King actor, Vladimir Furdik, recently broke his silence to shed some light on his character’s motives and more importantly, the runtime of the first two episodes was revealed.

It’s not great news.

According to the HBO schedule the first two episodes will be 54 minutes and 58 minutes long – which is nothing like the two hours or so we thought they would be.

Highly disappointing I’m not going to lie.

But back to the whole Bran thing: I have to say I’m really stumped.

It’s almost as if we should just stop guessing about this kind of stuff and wait until the new series drops.

Nah, this is way more fun.

Images via HBO