‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Think The Movie Has Been Confirmed After Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Post Cryptic Tweets

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Published 26.06.19

Breaking Bad fans think the movie has been confirmed after Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul post the same cryptic tweet.

Breaking Bad has become one of the great cult TV shows over the years, amassing legions of devout fans who, if they’re anything like me, considered becoming a drug dealer after watching the series.

Obviously I’m kidding and I never really considered becoming a full time meth dealer, but the show portrays it in such a brilliant way you do find yourself wondering if crime might actually pay.

However, in the end, the show about about good-guy-gone-bad Walter White and his transformation from dutiful father and chemistry teacher to terminally ill criminal mastermind ends in heartbreak, as he’s killed allowing side-kick Jesse Pinkman to escape.

You know, I know, the whole entertainment world knows that a movie has been mooted for some time now, and if several tweets from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are to be deciphered, it could be here sooner than previously thought.

The pair tweeted a picture of a pair of mules, OK?

It’s unlikely they were on the beach at Blackpool, so many people think it could indicate that after his days of cooking meth, Jesse’s going to find himself drawn into the world of drug smuggling.

In essence a drug mule. Take a look at the pictures already.

Needless to say, the somewhat cryptic tweets sent fans into a bit of a frenzy:


Previously, /Film  have reported that the sequel will be set after the events of the series finale, focusing on  Jesse as he blazes a trail away from that horrifying finale.

“SlashFilm has learned that the newly announced Breaking Bad movie will be a sequel set after the events of the series finale, following Jesse as he blazes a trail away from that horrifying finale,” the website claims.

“We have confirmed that the kidnapped man is Jesse Pinkman and the movie will follow his escape from Albuquerque following the bloody events of the series finale.

“Naturally, Aaron Paul is set to reprise the role, which won him three Emmy awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.”

Bryan Cranston previously confirmed that a film adaption was in the works, but declined to comment on whether her had a role. However, he has now said that there is one way for his currently deceased character to return.

Well, rigor mortis has a way of allowing that to happen,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “It could be! Could be [in] a flashback, or a flash forward. I’m still dead, Walter White, I don’t know what [could happen.]”

Previously he said: “But I, honestly have not even read the script. So I couldn’t tell you. ‘I have not gotten the script. I had not read the script, so there’s a question of whether we’d even see Walter White in this movie! Think about that one.”

Additionally, Paul added that if the movie does go ahead, it should focus on Jesse. He said:

“In case you haven’t caught up on the TV series, Walter dies, so….it has to star Jesse.”

I mean, it surely has to follow Jesse given he’s the one that survived. But then where would Bryan Cranston be involved? Flashback scenes?

Hopefully they don’t tarnish the legacy of one of the best TV shows by squeezing out a film that nobody really asked for. Still, I’m optimistic about it.

Don’t let me down.

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