‘Breaking Bad’ Writer Reveals Whether Walter White Is Dead Or Alive

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Published 09.10.19

Breaking Bad writer Vince Gilligan reveals whether Walter White is dead or alive

SPOILER ALERT: The creator of Breaking Bad has shed light on Walter White’s status in preparation for the new Netflix movie, El Camino

Since the last episode of the acclaimed TV series aired, fans of Breaking Bad have been tormented by the mystery surrounding the fate of its meth-making protagonist after he was gunned down by a machine gun and left for dead. But it’s not all bad news, because Walt is seen smiling as he appears to accept death and fade out, a police officer arriving at the scene to check his pulse.

For some fans, that wasn’t enough. As Game of Thrones has taught us, ardent viewers just aren’t convinced a character is dead until they see it confirmed – otherwise, everything is up for grabs.

walter white dead breaking bad

In an interview with Rich Eisen on his eponymous radio show (which coincidentally celebrated its fifth anniversary that episode), Breaking Bad writer Vince Gilligan finally confirmed that whether White White is dead or alive.

Is Walter White dead in Breaking Bad?

‘You know what, yeah,’ Gilligan answered.

‘I’m going to give you that one, Rich, because I love you so much and it’s your fifth anniversary.

‘Yes. Walter White is dead. Yes.’

Perhaps not the anniversary present Eisen was expecting, but at least put his mind to rest.

However, Gilligan refused to answer as to whether or not Walt would appear in the film in some capacity. Speculation was rife after Aaron Paul tweeted a photo from the set of El Camino with the caption ‘Soon’, which was replicated by Bryan Cranston in his own tweet not long after.

Is Walter White in the Breaking Bad movie?

Fan theories suggest that Walt may appear in the film either via a flashback or some kind of dream sequence. Knowing the show, it’s likely to be the latter, but we won’t know for sure until it premieres on Netflix.

To shock viewers further, Gilligan revealed that he had initially intended to kill Jesse Pinkman off in the first season, but ultimately decided against it after falling in love with Aaron Paul’s performance.

Gushing with admiration for his lead actor, Gilligan said: ‘He’s a star. And I always knew he was a star.

‘I mean, after day five or six of the pilot I knew he was a star. 

‘I already knew that Bryan Cranston was a star, but this young man [Aaron Paul], this guy’s got the goods.’

Talking about Jesse’s character development throughout the show and the movie, Gilligan attributed much of the character’s success to the talent and skill of the actor. He also claimed that Jesse, who began as ‘a bit of a creep’, eventually became the ‘moral centre’ of the show’s storylines.

‘He [Jesse] became basically the moral centre of the whole entire TV show because [Arron Paul] has such heart and such goodness within him that it leaked out whether any of us intended it to or not and the show became a very different show than it would have because of who [Aaron Paul] fundamentally is.’

In a quick-fire Q&A, Eisen inquired as to whether or not El Camino would wrap-up the Breaking Bad universe or whether more instalments and spin-offs would follow. Gilligan claims that, for the moment, he believes El Camino to be the last time we will see that universe on screen, but recalled that he said the same thing five years ago at the close of the show.

‘I’m just apparently a pathological liar,’ he claimed.

Which I would take as hope that we’ll be seeing that universe again in five years time. El Camino debuts on Netflix this Friday 11 October.

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