BrewDog have hit back at Aldi after they started selling a shameless rip-off of their Punk IPA.

The Aberdeen-based brewery are no strangers to having a laugh online, but their latest “spat” with German supermarket Aldi has shown that they really do like to push the envelope.

As Aldi often do, they released a product that shares huge similarities with an already popular branded product, in the shape of Anti-Establishment IPA, which is obviously heavily inspired by BrewDog’s Punk IPA.

This tickled a few people, with Twitter user Joe Coleman sharing his shock…


The tweet garnered a lot of attention and even caught the eye of ex-lawyer and BrewDog co-founder James Watt, who decided to hit back at the supermarket by creating a new beer.

He wrote:

Inspired by ALDI’s take on Punk IPA from yesterday, we are making a new beer.

YALDI IPA is coming soon! Maybe our friends @AldiUK will even sell it in their stores?

Sadly though, the Yaldi name was already taken, with Yoker-based Overtone Brewing chiming in, saying:

Just to avoid any confusion over the name, as we’ve been brewing our Yaldi NEIPA since March, the offer is open, we would love to collab with you Brewdog“.

Unfortunately for Overtone Brewing, Aldi and Brewdog chose to cut out the middle-man, as Aldi added that it would make more sense for BrewDog to make a beer called “Ald IPA”, which is fair.


BrewDog promptly obliged, mocking up a new can design and Aldi even said that they might clear out some space in their middle aisle for the beer.

A spokesperson for Aldi told the Daily Record:

We shared a new name suggestion on the Aldi Scotland Facebook page and Aldi UK twitter, and Brewdog are sending a crate our way“.

BrewDog have previously made one-off beers for other supermarkets – such as Tesco (and even British Airways) – so this could happen pretty soon.


Lovely yummy beer.