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Bride Discovers Her Engagement Ring Holds A Precious Piece Of Her Own Tooth


In a heartwarming and unexpected twist, a groom's confession during his wedding vows left his bride in tears of joy. Justin Tyler Fox took to TikTok to share of his wedding ceremony, capturing the emotional moment when he revealed the hidden secret behind his bride's engagement ring. Justin Tyler Fox's bride discovers her engagement ring holds a precious piece of her own tooth.

Justin Tyler Fox's Bride Discovers Her Engagement Ring Holds A Precious Piece Of Her Own Tooth

As the couple stood at the altar, Justin expressed his gratitude to his soon-to-be wife, Raven, for being there for him throughout their journey. He acknowledged her physical beauty, mentioning her "deep double-sided dimples" and her "beautiful soul." However, it was what he revealed next that truly touched everyone's hearts.

"Do you remember the day when I knew for a fact that I was going to marry you?" Justin asked Raven during the heartfelt moment. He proceeded to recount the story of a group hiking trip, where Raven, always up for an adventure, attempted to follow his lead and jump across a creek. Unfortunately, she missed the jump and landed on her face, resulting in a chipped tooth.

While this could have been an embarrassing incident, Justin saw it as a defining moment that made him realize just how special his future wife was. He realized that Raven would follow him anywhere, embracing every adventure and challenge they would face together as husband and wife. "This girl has literally fallen for me," he jokingly remarked.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/bride-discovers-her-engagement-ring-holds-a-precious-piece-of-her-own-tooth/ by Morgan Maverick on 2023-05-22T02:00:18.736Z

Justin Tyler Fox confessing about the ring in their wedding and a photo of his wife's hand wearing the ring
Justin Tyler Fox confessing about the ring in their wedding and a photo of his wife's hand wearing the ring

To commemorate that memorable day and symbolize their unbreakable bond, Justin decided to incorporate a "special stone" into Raven's engagement ring. This stone held significant meaning as it was taken from the top of the waterfall where the accident occurred. It represented a tangible reminder of their shared journey and love.

During the proposal, Raven had questioned the small embellishment on the ring, wondering if it was meant to hold a diamond. Justin had assured her that it was meant to be that way, promising to reveal its significance one day. And on their wedding day, he fulfilled that promise.

In the midst of his vows, Justin unveiled the truth behind the mysterious stone, confessing.

Here's my confession. I picked that stone up from the top of the waterfall that day. I couldn't leave it because it was as much a part of you as you are about to be a part of me — one flesh. That little stone in your ring is made out of dentin and enamel. Your dentin and enamel.- Justin Tyler Fox

The emotional wedding shared on TikTok quickly went viral, amassing nearly 10 million views. Viewers were deeply moved by Justin's heartfelt vows and his unique gesture to honor their love. Comments poured in, expressing admiration and well wishes for the couple.

"If his vows ain't like this, I don't want him," laughed one user, highlighting the significance of such genuine and sentimental gestures in a relationship. Another user wrote, "These are the things that should be viral. Pure genuine sentimental love. This is beautiful."


Justin and Raven's story serves as a reminder that love knows no bounds and that it is the small, heartfelt gestures that make a relationship extraordinary. Their wedding day became an unforgettable celebration of their love, immortalized in the form of a ring that holds not only precious stones but also a treasured piece of their shared history. May their journey be filled with endless adventures and everlasting love.

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