Bride Sent Out Dress Code Based On Weight And Then Called Someone Out For Sharing It

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 10.03.19
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It’s generally agreed that if you get married abroad and expect all your guests to join you for the ceremony, you’re a bit of a pr*ck.

They didn’t ask to get involved in your wedding, so don’t start to take it personally when they’re not willing to pay through the nose to see you standing at an alter.

Anyway, one woman took this a step further, when she asked for all of her guests to bring two specific outfits; one of which was so everyone could perform in a themed dance.

However that wasn’t the crux of it, as she wanted everyone’s outfits to cost at least $1000 and for people to dress appropriately to their weights.

It has to be seen to be believed…

Set aside the obvious and offensive weight bias, the colour-scheme seems legitimately awful. It’ll end up looking like vomit, surely?

I have a very nice suit for under $1000. Why should I pay more to fit the bride and groom’s gaudy expectations? … I’ve not been invited.

Anyway, the bride found out that her request had gone viral, and decided to point the finger at her guests once more, acting equally reprehensible the second time round…

Just appalling behaviour.

She seems like a really mean person. I know that’s a very two-dimensional way of looking at it but she’s going to have her work cut out of, spiritually healing all of the people she’s severely f*cking over.

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