Bride Tells Groom She “Just Took A Huge Dump” Forgetting That He Was Mic’d Up

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Published 02.09.19

A bride revealed definitely too much information as she told her groom what she’d been up to just before she just walked down the aisle.

Weddings are pretty much unparalleled in a couple’s life and set apart from the birth of their children, you’d argue that they’re the most important moment.

Not that the sanctity of marriage actually means much these days, but it’s the symbolism that makes it so special.


So of course there’s a lot that people expect to happen on the day. People have their weddings planned out from childhood, with everything needing to be perfect and pristine to the last minute detail, making sure it’s as romantic as possible.

With that in mind, it comes as a certain surprise that upon meeting her soon-to-be husband at the aisle, a bride shared some information that you’d usually save for, say, five months after the honeymoon.


As a song was being sung at the ceremony, the couple exchanged a few words with her saying she couldn’t believe the day has actually come, with the groom adding she looked amazing. It was very nice, until she leaned in and said:

I took a really big dump right before I came down the aisle,”

Of course, she totally didn’t realise that the groom was wearing a microphone for the sake of the resulting wedding day video.


The groom, then laughing, asked:

What the hell is wrong with you?

bride tells groom mic'd up

And hilarity ensued as he added, “The videographer heard what you just said“.

The camera then zooms in on the bride’s face as she simply replies, “oh god…”


Yeah that’s a fair reaction.

The clip gained virality when, in his everlasting search for content, Jimmy Fallon asked for some “wedding fails” on Twitter, with swarms of people replying.

groom wearing microphone at wedding funny

Most of the shared videos were dance routines not quite panning out how people anticipated, but this one went down fairly well.


Initially being shared by US daytime TV show Your Morning, the clip was largely overlooked until it found its way onto Twitter.

I guess people say that couples who share and can have a laugh last longer than the rest, so this is a good thing in a way?

Fair play to them and good luck…

Images via Your Morning