A bride-to0be’s post about an engagement ring has gone viral. The reason being that, well, see for yourself…

The woman has said that she and her fiancé had been together for eight years and talked about marriage for three of them. However, she believes the ring is too puny considering how long they’ve been together.


Looking at the ring itself…eh it’s not that impressive really but surely it’s the thought that counts. I mean give the guy a break it still cost him money no matter how much it was.

The woman in question posted on Reddit describing it as a “little a** jewel” but was worried about appearing “shady and materialistic”.

Over 200 people commented with most in agreement with her.

“It’s not about the price, it’s the appearance of the ring. I actually snorted at how tiny and pitiful it looks” said one user. I sort of agree with the statement mainly because you can find many tacky over-the-top costume rings for practically nothing.

On the other hand though, maybe the man in question wanted something different than a flashy ring which crushes your hand to the ground. He wanted a statement piece.

I’m just not quite sure what sort of statement he was aiming for with this.


Some users thought the bride was being unreasonable with one user saying “when the ring is the issue, the ring is not an issue”. In some sense they’re right – I mean he could’ve just given her an onion ring and had done with it, but no he went to some effort to buy a ring and the issue really sits with her.

Some took aim directly at the woman in question saying “you’re going to make a s***** wife”. I’m in inclined to agree, this rant about the ring says a lot more about her than it does about the poor sod who gave it to her.

The topic was even brought up on Good Morning Britain today, where presenters Richard Madeley and Charlotte Hawkins discussed the importance of a diamond size.

Condemning the woman for ‘moaning’ about the size of the ring, Charlotte said: “I think that’s mean.”

Richard laughed: “It’s the smallest diamond I’ve ever seen!”

He’s so Partridge it hurts.


Maybe the minimalist nature of the ring could make it expensive, like when you go to a fancy restaurant and there’s hardly any food on the plate and it’s basically just twigs and leaves.

Makes you wonder what he’s got planned for the wedding and honeymoon. A honeymoon in North Korea perhaps? I personally would find that interesting.

This woman can, however, rest easy knowing that not too long ago another bride-to-be was given an overgrown toenail shaped ring.

It could be worse.

Images via Reddit/Twitter/Good Morning Britain