Britain’s richest man has joined the fight against Coronavirus as he has vowed to build two factories that will make vast quantities of hand sanitiser.

Here I was thinking that we were past hand sanitiser as we were all urged to stay home (where we can use normal soap and water), but the desire for hand sanitiser rages on, and the NHS are in desperate need of the stuff.

Multi-billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe is the man in question, who has said that he will have a factory in Middlesbrough produce one million bottles of hand sanitiser a month, which will be given the the NHS for free.

The factory is planned to be up and running in just 10 days, with another in Germany to be ready shortly afterwards.

The Knight of the Realm, who runs chemicals company INEOS, said:

It is becoming increasingly clear that hand to mouth infection is a significant cause of Corona virus contagion and INEOS is Europe’s largest manufacturer of the core ingredient of hand sanitiser.

We will build two factories in the UK and Germany in 10 days to produce very substantial supplies.

INEOS is a company with enormous resources and manufacturing skills. If we can find other ways to help in the coronavirus battle, we are absolutely committed to playing our part“.


Meanwhile, LVHM, the company who own Louis Vuitton, have announced that they will use their perfume production lines for the same use; i.e. to create more hand sanitiser for those who need it in France.

In a statement released yesterday LVHM said:

Given the risk of a shortage of hydro-alcoholic gel in France, Bernard Arnault has instructed the LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics business to prepare its production sites to manufacture substantial quantities of hydro-alcoholic gel to be provided to public authorities.


Through this initiative, LVMH intends to help address the risk of a lack of product in France and enable a greater number of people to continue to take the right action to protect themselves against the spread of the virus.

LVMH will continue to honour this commitment for as long as necessary, in connection with the French health authorities“.

It’s nice to see billionaires do good things and let’s hope that this isn’t in aid in some sort of tax write-off, like when Jeff Bezos does literally anything.

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