British Teens Who Mocked George Floyd’s Death On Snapchat Have Been Arrested

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Published 02.06.20

The George Floyd death has completely rocked the world – which is saying something when we’re in the middle of a pandemic – with people understandably outraged and sickened by the callous regard for black lives at the hands of white policeman.

99.9% of people are sympathetic to both Floyd’s family and the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping across America, but there are, however, brain-dead individuals who see his death as an opportunity to take the piss.

I say this because a trio of idiotic teens from Gateshead have been arrested on suspicion of committing a hate crime after mocking the murder of George Floyd in a Snapchat photo.

After it went viral all three were identified and quickly shut down or deleted all their social media profiles.

A source, who went to school with the boys in Gateshead, told The Sun:

“They were arrested on Sunday night and have had their phones taken off them and everything.

It has turned into a witch hunt and they’ve had some really nasty threats – some of which have been targeted at their families which isn’t right at all.

It was a sick joke but they don’t deserve to die. The police know about it and are protecting them against any vigilante attacks.”

Meanwhile, a Northumbria Police spokesperson confirmed they were investigating:

“We can confirm we are investigating after an image was shared on social media which showed two men imitating the recent death of US citizen George Floyd.

An investigation was launched and yesterday (Sunday) officers arrested two males aged 19 and another male aged 18 on suspicion of sending communications causing anxiety and distress.

They have since been released on bail. We understand that this social media post has caused significant upset and we want to reassure the public it is being investigated robustly and is being treated as a hate crime.”

The teens and their families are also reportedly under police protection after receiving death threats for mocking Floyd’s death at the hands of police, which, again, isn’t on either.

Being a tasteless d*ckhead doesn’t mean you should receive death threats.

This comes after a private post-mortem examination confirmed Floyd’s cause of death.

Medical examiners hired by Floyd’s family have said he died due to compression on his neck and back by Minneapolis police officers, with the actual cause of death being recorded as asphyxiation. This differs from the official examination, which found that ‘no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation’, ruling that ‘underlying health conditions’ contributed to Floyd’s death.

However, Floyd’s family decided to pursue an independent autopsy, with medical examiners disputing the initial report, which found that pressure on Floyd’s carotid artery impeded blood flow to his brain, while the weight on his back impeded his ability to breathe. This led to the conclusion that his death was a homicide.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner then added an update on Monday, June 1, to its official autopsy, saying the manner of death is indeed homicide.

Just a tragic incident all round, and one that will have far-reaching consequences for some time to come.