British Trophy Hunter Poses Over ‘Big Five’ Endangered Animals He Has Killed

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, World
Published 03.07.19

British Trophy Hunter Poses Over ‘Big Five’ Endangered Animals He Has Killed

It goes without saying that trophy hunters are ridiculously cowardly and evil people that somehow get a sick thrill out of seeing a beautiful creature dead.

There is absolutely no skill in it, nor is there any glory; the arbitrary killing of another animal in the name of ‘sport’ or ‘hunting’ should be condemned by absolutely everyone and there should be a heavy, heavy fine on anyone caught doing it.

And by fine I mean locked away.

I say this because gruesome – and frankly deplorable – pictures have emerged showing a British trophy hunter posing over the corpses of Africa’s endangered “Big Five” animals – lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos.

Carl Knight, 45, is thought to be the only known British hunter boasting of killing Africa’s most at-risk species and runs a safari hunting business from his home in South Africa, reports The Mirror.

Knight insists that he and his rich clients are helping save at-risk species by hunting animals for fun, stating on the website for his Take Aim Safaris firm that he has taken part in more than 400 hunts in Africa.

In one harrowing photo, Johannesburg-based Knight is seen posing with the body of a dead lion while another shows him crouching behind the corpse of a leopard. Another shows him next to a slain elephant.

He reportedly charges up to £30,000 to help wealthy clients track down beasts in trips across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia, with guests able to stay in five-star luxury lodges before they hunt. His online brochure even adds that guests can “relax with a glass of wine” while their kills are “professionally prepared for taxidermy”.

And Knight boasts: “I have hunted the Big Five and Dangerous Seven as a client, most of the species in these groups a few times over, not to mention guiding them many more times over.”

But ahead of a parliamentary event calling for new laws against the industry, the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said the likes of Knight were “driving endangered species to the brink”.

The Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting said that in the face of an “extinction crisis” killing animals for fun was “one of the last social evils”.

Eduardo Goncalves, of the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting told the Mirror: “Knight not only kills rare wildlife for fun, he makes thousands of pounds from these sick expeditions. He is literally making a killing.

“People in the UK will be heartbroken to learn he organises hunts of cheetahs, and outraged he makes a living helping kill endangered rhinos.

“They will be shocked he hosts shooting parties of giraffes and zebras, and guides hunters to shoot monkeys, ostriches and porcupines.

“How is shooting a monkey or an ostrich sport?”

It really isn’t – let’s hope these new laws are put into effect sooner rather than later so we can prevent this senseless killing.

Images via Take Aim Safaris