Yesterday, in a video shared on Facebook a British woman was filmed being dragged from a Tenerife hotel’s pool and arrested for ‘violating’ quarantine rules.

It appears the unidentified bikini-clad woman was demanding a room upgrade and came to be in the pool in a form of protest.


She can be heard complaining about being trapped in her room for seven days and demanding an upgrade before a man, later found to be a police officer, suddenly stands up and jumps in the pool to retrieve her whilst the person recording shouts: “Go on mate, get in there and nick her”.

The person filming can also be heard saying: “We’d all like an upgrade, love”.

To which she adds: “I’d like a suite”.

The woman was leisurely backstroking around the pool at the time which just served to irk hotel staff and onlookers who were themselves also facing similar quarantine measures.

The on-looking crowd can be heard cheering as the female commentator yells: “Well done!”.


Adding: “Stupid cow. She’s silly, isn’t she”.

The protestor is then grabbed by another officer, who is dressed in uniform and then restrained and held to the floor, to the sound of some ‘boos’ from the crowd.

Not the commentator though – as she says: “She deserves that”.

The woman is then escorted away from the pool to the sound of sirens.

Fellow quarantined guest, James O’Neill from Dorset said: “She was British”.


“What I do know is that the man who jumped in to force her out was another policeman”.

“He stripped won to his shorts by the pool before jumping in”.

“I’ve not seen her since”, added James.

The video has since circulated on social media racking up views of over 192,000 and shared more than 3,000 times.

The woman was staying at Paradise Park Hotel and they continue to be on lockdown following authority’s advice to keep tourists in their rooms.

James claims Brits were being well looked after by the hotel team.


“We’re confined to rooms during the day, which is frustrating, but we are able to go to the restaurant at mealtimes as usual”, he explained.

Adding: “The staff here are being really friendly. There’s not much they can do about the situation”.

And you’d imagine the last thing they would be considering are room upgrades for such plucky guests – especially, when the woman was putting both herself and fellow guests and staff at risk in her pool protest stunt.