Britney Spears has worried a good few people after her latest video post on Instagram was just a little bit weird.

A quick Google of the pop star tell me what I was looking for – she’s 38 – and that one particular website that I’ve never heard of is trying to perpetuate the notion that she’s mentally ill.

britney spears

But in truth, I’m certain that Britney Spears was just drunk when she posted this to Instagram.

With that said, she could be one of those many celebrities who are now teetotal, but who knows. She’s all sweaty and her mascara is smeared which as most of us aware, are the indications that someone has had too much to drink.

Team that with intense dancing and oversharing online, and it seems like a no-brainer but once again, this is Britney Spears and she’s quite hard to read.

Have a look at the Instagram post…

Just having a laugh, isn’t she?

The caption reads:

I like to freestyle !!!!! There’s no routine here …. I’m just using my body to speak for me how it feels ….. 🌸🌹💋 !!!!!!! PS this was shot just last night 😜😜😜!!!!!!

Make from that what you will.

The dancing in the first video worked, I’d say. If I’m not mistaken, that was Nelly Furtado’s Say it Right and it warranted high-octane moves. As for Billie Eilish’s Lovely though… a bit much, Britney. You overdid it.

I appreciate Spears making it abundantly clear “there’s no routine here“. No-one was accusing her of having a routine, were they? I shouldn’t talk because me dancing looks like the journalist in Hot Fuzz when his head has been crushed by a church roof, but I’m not sure anyone will be rushing to cut the same shapes as Britney there.

Anyway, it’s good to hear from Britney. I genuinely hope she’s well.

Images via Instagram