Brits Are Demanding That Free Pornhub Premium Offer Is Extended To UK

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford
Published 18.03.20

Horny Brits are demanding that Pornhub’s coronavirus free premium offer is extended to the UK as country practises self-isolation

And let’s face it; self-isolation basically means eat, sleep, binge, w*nk, REPEAT.

So, yeah, I can see the appeal of some HQ porn right about now.



Pornhub has been blessing several European countries with free premium subscriptions to their HQ content while they are in coronavirus lockdown.

So far, the popular adult entertainment site has granted the blessing on Italy, France and Spain – all of which are currently under lockdown due to coronavirus.

But as the UK is yet to be placed under any official mass quarantine – at present– Pornhub is yet to grant us Brits the keys to the kingdom.


Pornhub premium offers users ultra high definition 4K content, no ads, and even VR content. A premium subscription usually costs €9.99 (about £9.35) per month in Italy.

Plenty of us are, however, currently practising self-isolation and social distancing and so naturally, a fair few horned up/cooped up Brits are demanding Pornhub extend the gesture to its UK fans.

One British social media user wrote:

“If we in the UK and Ireland go into lockdown, we better get PornHub for free like Italy or I’ll really be p****d off!!”

Another wrote:

“Italy now offering premium Pornhub for free. It all makes sense now, all this toilet roll buying. UK is getting ready.”


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A third Brit said:

“I’m planning my 14-day quarantine when Pornhub give the UK free premium subscription if I’m being completely honest.”

Disney+ and Pornhub premium in the same week? Maybe this self-isolation thing won’t be so bad. 


Images via Getty and Pornhub