Brits Taunt Benidorm Police With Chants Of ‘We’ve All Got The Flu’

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Published 18.03.20

Us Brits have a pretty bad reputation abroad, and it’s no wonder with videos like this.

We love to get smashed on cheap Spanish pints and cause a nuisance of ourselves, and a little thing like coronavirus isn’t going to stop that.


I say this as a group of around 50 tourists were filmed yelling at police filmed chanting ‘we’ve all got the flu, na na na na!’ outside a block of flats in Benidorm.


As you’d expect, many were topless and there were plenty of pints on show.


Police can be seen trying to escort them away from the area.

Benidorm – English tourists are driven off the promenade of the Police

Benidorm – English tourists are driven off the promenade by the Police

Posted by News & More for Spain – english edition – on Sunday, 15 March 2020

People on social media were pretty quick to condemn their actions:


Spain has entered a state of emergency which means people are banned from going outside for 15 days except to buy food, go to work, or get medical assistance, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping holidaymakers.

There have been 297 deaths from the killer virus at present in the country.


Police in Benidorm have yet to make any official announcement on how they will deal with British tourists who insist on having it large despite the global health emergency.

Other videos online show the pandemic hasn’t deterred us Brits currently abroad.

This might be the best, though:


We’ll never learn will we?