‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Has Officially Been Renewed For Season 8

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 15.11.19

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for another season and things have come a long way since it was cancelled on Fox.

People really do go mad for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, don’t they? Love the stuff. Cop comedies with lovable characters, one of whom is Terry Crews. You really can’t go wrong.

They’ll be delighted to know then that the comedy has been renewed for an eighth season, as confirmed on Twitter.


Obviously since the show is so popular, it almost seemed obvious that more episodes would be commissioned, but given that it’s already been given the axe once before, nothing is certain in this life.

It’s a weird time to get the news, sure, since season seven hasn’t even been released in the US yet.


The news was broken by the official Brooklyn Nine-Nine Twitter account, saying:

Good things come to those who w8. The #Brooklyn99 squad will be coming back for Season 8 on NBC!

People on Twitter are pretty excited to hear the news…


And the good news doesn’t stop there either.

Season 7 arrives in Feb 2020!

Yep, the series is to return to screens in February next year, with an hour-long episode.


That means if you’re in the USA, you’ll be able to watch a bumper episode of B99 on February 6 when it airs on NBC.

For us Brits though, we’ll probably have to wait until Netflix or E4 picks it up.

Gosh darnit.

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