‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Is Returning For 13 Episodes In Season Seven

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 14.05.19

Brooklyn Nine Nine season 7 will be 13 episodes long.

UK fans of the cop comedy are only just getting over the fact that season six hit our airwaves recently.

Like with anything these days – including Game Of Thrones which absolutely infuriates me – America gets it first, meaning we’ve had to sit by and wait patiently to binge on it.


Thankfully, though, E4 recently acquired it, with the series airing in March.

News about the eagerly-awaited seventh season had been scarce until now, but as indicated by Deadline, the upcoming series will be 13 episodes long.

Now, that’s 13 for now. It’s worth mentioning that 13 episodes were mooted for the previous season and it ended up having an extra five, so don’t be surprised if we see a few more than that.


NBC are remaining tight-lipped about whether they’ll do the same for season seven but in all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised, especially given that when the series was on FOX the seasons were usually around 22-23 episodes long.

Of course the show has endured a ropey few months what with those evil people at Fox cancelling it. However, those angels at NBC saved the day by picking the series up just a day later.


Indeed, news of the upcoming seventh season was actually broken during a table read with the show’s cast and crew, and it’s fair to say they were pretty over the moon about it.

In the clip below, a woman can be heard saying: “You know how happy and proud we were to have you on NBC this season and we are even happier to say that we would love to have you back next season.”

It certainly came as a welcome relief to star Andy Samberg who admitted after the move that there were “a lot of question marks” over the show’s future.

“I will say we’re all still really loving making it, and that the episodes still feel really funny and interesting and exciting to us,” he said earlier this year.


“It’s a huge testament to the writers; they’re doing such an incredible job. The sort of renewed feeling of interest from the outside world, and the fanbase of the show, and this sort of big surge of attention the show’s getting on social media – that’s really exciting.”

At the moment, there’s no update about when we can expect to see season seven, but here’s hoping they can get it wrapped up by early next year.

Images via NBC/Twitter/FOX