Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 is coming today, as it is now the sixth of February… as you know.

It’s been a good while since our last hit of Brooklyn Nine-Nine but honestly, anything’s a blessing since the show got cancelled and wonderfully brought back to life.


People really do go mad for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, don’t they? Love the stuff. Cop comedies with lovable characters, one of whom is Terry Crews. You really can’t go wrong. And now we have Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 to add to the mix!

We were already delighted some months back when the comedy was renewed for an eighth season, as confirmed on Twitter.



The news was broken by the official Brooklyn Nine-Nine Twitter account, saying:

Good things come to those who w8. The #Brooklyn99 squad will be coming back for Season 8 on NBC!

It was a weird time to get the news, of course, considering that season 7 hadn’t even been released yet, but since we’re getting that today, the news is extra sweet.



Prior to this happy day, news of season 7 was shared by Melissa Fumero, who posted on her Instagram that there will be back-to-back episodes come the 6th of February, 8pm/7c on NBC.


The USA will be able to watch a bumper episode of B99 today on NBC, while for us Brits, we’ll probably have to wait until Netflix or E4 picks it up.


As indicated by Deadline, the upcoming series will be 13 episodes long… for now.

It’s worth mentioning that 13 episodes were mooted for the previous season and it ended up having an extra five, so don’t be surprised if we see a few more than that. Be grateful though. Be very grateful. Grateful to a fault, almost.


NBC are remaining tight-lipped about whether they’ll do the same for season seven but in all honesty, that wouldn’t be entirely shocking, especially given that when the series was on FOX the seasons were usually around 22-23 episodes long.

Have fun, you lucky Yanks.

Images via NBC