Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, your patience is paying off.

Season 7 is finally coming to Netflix on March 26.

Netflix tweeted: “The best day of the year is when we can *actually* give you an answer when you ask where the next season of B99 is. Today is that day,’ the streaming service wrote on Twitter. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S7 comes to Netflix UK/IE on 26 March.’

The seventh series was shown in the US at the start of last year, beginning in February through to April.

UK fans have had a very long wait.

Season seven’s storyline features Holt as he struggles with his demotion, and his new role as patrol officer.

It’s not long before he’s back in his rightful place, following the shock death of Madeline Wuntch, his rival.

There’s a blackout in Brooklyn the night Amy gives birth to Jake’s son.

Thee annual Halloween heist has a three-time winner, but who is it?

There are 13 episodes to sink your teeth into, so get ready for a binge watching session.

If you need a reminder of what happened, the other six seasons are on Netflix.

Image via Alamy