Brother Fart-Bombs In His Sister’s Video And Her Reaction Is Priceless

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Published 05.02.20

I’m an only child, so I never had the pleasure of growing up with a sibling grossing me out.

Just my parents.

People always asked me if I missed having a bro or sis (how can you miss something you never had??) but videos like this prove exactly why I was better off as a lone sprog.

These days, kids are getting into vlogging at younger and younger ages, evidenced by this next girl on Reddit.

However, when said young girl was recording herself talking about make-up, there was an unwelcome addition to the soundtrack when her sleeping five-year-old brother let rip with an enormous fart.

It’s precisely the kind of thing I’m glad I missed out on growing up.

Check it out:


Hilarious though, right?

That reaction is priceless.

Her parent, huh_thats_awkward shared it and boy are we glad.

As were the people of Reddit.

SiidChawsby said:

Dude. Holy shit. Can we nominate you for the yearly Reddit awards ceremony? I think you’ve got a good chance to win

antares07923 said:

Holy shit OP, I’ve never seen a more perfect opportunity for a lifelong family nickname.

lalalane76 said:

Good thing they dont have a Clapper installed. Itd be a light show.

It comes after another poo/fart related incident at a mall, when one bloke pooped on the floor only for another to fall on it.

Firstly, I don’t know why you just can’t go to the loo. Pooing down your own leg in a public place has got to be one of the most depraved things of all time.

If you watch the video closely you can even see the man clenching his cheeks before dropping the load.

Here it is:

It’s almost like he’s done it before. Consummate ease.

And for the poor victim behind him who slipped and fell into another man’s faeces – what can you say?

Unlucky, I guess.