Bull Tormented And Horns Set On Fire Before Being Knifed To Death By Crowd

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, World
Published 15.08.19

Bullfighting and such continues to be controversial subject – apart from the people who partake in it who presumably think it’s fine.

Yes in some parts of the word it’s ‘tradition’ to torment a poor defenceless animal before brutally murdering it, but come on, we’re better than this now, there’s no justifying or defending this senseless behaviour.

There’s simply no pardoning it and if stories like this – no matter how grim they are – bring attention to the subject and force change, then at least it’s been worth it.


I say this as a video in Spain has been taken by activists showing a bull being set on fire as part of some ritual before being dragged to a wooden post so that metal braces can be fixed to its horns.

Activists from ‘Animal Guardians’ and ‘Torture Is Not Culture’ said the ‘fire bull’ event took place at La Vall d’Uixó, eastern Spain. During the festival, the bull runs around frantically while being harassed by spectators grabbing their tails and kicking them from behind specially designed cages while its horns are set alight.

In response to the news, vehement animal rights enthusiast Ricky Gervais condemned the peoples’ actions, labelling them: “Evil, braindead c***s.”

One person said: ‘Humans really are the worst. If humans didn’t exist, then there wouldn’t be anyone left to torment and torture each other. No other being tortures for “fun”. I hate knowing that some “humans” find pleasure in this sort of cruelty.’


Another added: ‘How are these evil people brought up? They cant have an ounce of compassion. My son treats all animals with kindness and respect. This image is horrific.’

While a third said: “I am unfortunately constantly amazed at just how sick some humans can be. If a creature of any kind reacts to pain, be that the smallest creature or the largest, then how can anyone obtain pleasure from inflicting that pain. Only humans inflict pain for pleasure, SICK!”

Jose Enrique Zaldívar, president of AVATMA – a veterinary group campaigning against events like these – said the ‘disorientation, anxiety, fear, and anguish’ of the bulls was great, even without fire, and that afterwards the animals are usually slain.

“Once the balls or torches that are placed on their horns are lit, the presence of fire causes the animal to be terrified,” he said.

“Since it is instinctively identified as another danger sign, it increases his stress and anguish much more.”


Jose Cubells, of La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture is Not Culture) – who filmed the incident with Animal Guardians – said the alleged killing was just one of several breaches they witnessed.

“We have observed numerous infractions, such as the throwing of sand, bottles, and clothing at the animals’ faces, the latter of which could have caught fire and burned the animals,” he said.

“We also observed kicking the animals from behind the bars and introducing the animals into the boxes with their horns still on fire, which could have set fire to the whole structure.

“We are preparing an official complaint for the Territorial Unit of Castellón.”

Marta Esteban, of Animal Guardians, said: “When they use adult bulls like these which have never been in a bullfight, the regulations say they must be taken to the slaughterhouse alive.

“It is considered a ‘very serious infringement’ of the law not to do so.


“But then we saw that they introduced the typical knife that it is used in traditional bullfights to give the bull the coup de grace.”


Images via PEN News