Burger King Launch Unhappy Meals Because “No One Is Happy All Of The Time”

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Published 02.05.19

After years of dominance with their famous Happy Meals, McDonald’s now have competition from Burger King in the shape of decidedly unhappy meals.

Sometimes you’re hungry – but not too hungry – and you want a little something to eat. You’re not in that good of a mood though, so it would seem stupid to ask for a Happy Meal. There was no way to fix that little quandary and people roamed the highstreets a little bit hungry and mildly miserable. Until now, that is.


The people at Burger King have decided to poke fun at their biggest rivals, releasing their own versions of McDonald’s Happy Meal, and they’re called “Real Meals”.


This isn’t just one big publicity stunt to piss of a burger-selling clown, though, since Burger King have teamed up with mental health charity Mental Health America to raise awareness for the issues that plague many people’s minds.

A spokesman told Fox Business:

With the pervasive nature of social media, there is so much pressure to appear happy and perfect.


Using the slogan “No one is happy all the time”, Burger King’s real meals include the “Pissed”, “Blue”, “Salty”, “YAAAS” and “DGAF” boxes, and each of them contains a Whopper, fries and a drink.

Is “YAAAS” not something that someone would say when they’re happy? That’s what I thought, anyway. Jonathan on Queer Eye never seemed too perturbed when he kept saying it.


Also, and I’m sure you all know anyway, but just in case, “DGAF” stands for “Damn Girl, Alfie’s Fit”. It’s either that or “Don’t Give A F*ck”. One or the other. I always forget.


Annoyingly for slightly hungry, not-quite-happy people all over the world though, they’re only available in the US this May for Mental Health Awareness Month.

I’d be perfectly happy for these to come to the UK and stay permanently.


That said, if I’d be happy to see them, does that mean I’m not allowed one? Will the Burger King let me eat one of his Real Meals if I have a smile on my face?

It seems unlikely.

Images via McDonald’s, Burger King