Cadbury Dream Bars Are Now Available In The UK Again

AvatarThe Hook in News, UK
Published 04.05.20

This lockdown is getting us all down, and from a personal perspective it’s largely due to my ever-increasing waistline.

I’ll level with you here: I’ve eaten like a f*cking pig over the last few weeks.

When you’re sat inside like a prisoner in your own home and the weather’s taken a turn for the worse, there’s very little else to do other than raid the fridge and watch Netflix.

Of course, some people have used the time wisely and managed to get fit, but nah, not me. My hobby is eating, and eat I have.

You’ll understand then why I’m so concerned about the latest revelation that Dream Bars are back in the UK after a decade out of action.

B&M is selling 180g bars of the iconic white chocolate for £2.99 – which is £3 cheaper than the best price online – and an absolute steal for that heavenly chocolate.

Previously, you could only buy Dream bars from online store GB Gifts, who import them from Australia and cost £5.99.

Excitement grew as John Davies from Johnssnackreviews revealed the news after spotting them in a B&M store.

In the post, John wrote: “Cadbury Dream! Now available at B&M for £2.99 for a 180g Bar!”

He also added: “Purposely left the b&m price logo as proof!”

But, stock up whilst you can, B&M have said that the chocolate bars will not be staying for good.

It’s safe to say that the exciting news has gone down an absolute storm with fans, many of whom have taken to social media to share their joy at its return.

One person said: “Just found out Cadbury’s Dream chocolate bars have made a comeback and it feels like Christmas.”

A second commented: “@bmstores have you really got Cadbury dreams in stores???? I saw a picture on Twitter and I need to know ASAP.”

B&M has now confirmed they are being sold in stores, and are imports from Australia, however you’ll need to visit your nearest B&M branch as they do not have an online store.

Great news for chocolate fans.

Bad news for my gut.