Cadbury Have Unveiled Their Easter Range And It Includes A Huge Tin Of Creme Eggs

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 22.10.19

The Cadbury Easter range has somehow already been unveiled, and it includes huge tins of creme eggs!

This morning I was in Boots, getting my breakfast £3.99 meal deal and I noticed their Christmas sandwich range was already available.

I quietly lost my shit to my friend and temporary colleague, Euan, and then got over it pretty quickly because honestly, who cares? It’s just turkey and some cranberry sauce in seeded bread.

With that said, the fact that Cadbury have already unveiled their Easter range is insane and though I more or less know this won’t change my life at all, I’m annoyed at the lack of patience.

tins of mini eggs

Little side note: Are we still calling Easter Easter, or has it been rebranded as Spring Fest or the much more American Spring Break yet? I wouldn’t care. I’m no Christian; just wondering.

I will admit, I’m less annoyed having seen what’s on offer, but no amount of tins of Cadbury Mini Eggs will make me not think that October is too early to advertise a product that will be available in April.

tin of creme eggs

That’s one of the things, by the way; big ol’ tins of Mini Eggs, as well as tins of Creme Eggs.

Along with that, you’ll also be able to get your grubby mitts on an orange chocolate Bournville Easter egg, an orange mousse flavour Peter Rabbit 2 chocolate bar and a rather interesting-looking Choca-Latte Easter egg.

orange bournville egg

I should like to try that one. Sounds like a mocha distilled into an egg.

Both tins of Mini Eggs (409g) and Creme Eggs (319g) will set you back £5.00, and I sincerely hope – but strong suspect they will be – that the Mini Eggs one isn’t just a tin of backs of mini eggs, but rather loose Mini Eggs in the tin. Much better for the environment and I’d feel less cheated.

The Peter Rabbit bar is 65 pence for a 30g bar, while the Bournville egg is £3.99 and the mocha one is £9.99, somehow.

Christmas first, though.

Halloween before that.

Images via Cadbury