Cadbury Is Releasing A New White Chocolate Range And It Looks Insane

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Published 01.08.19

It seems our prayers have been answered and Cadbury are stepping up the game in three delicious forms of white chocolate.

Admittedly, white chocolate is one of my top 3 favourite things to eat. It’s just so creamy and smooth and gives that extra hint of scrumptiousness that milk and dark chocolate lovers just wouldn’t understand.

From September, Asda will be selling Cadbury white chocolate in the form of giant buttons (£1), White chocolate bars (£2) and Freddo Treasures (65p). So, if you see me in my local supermarket filling my trolley full of these items – mind your own business. I obviously wont forget to buy my fruit and veg too, at some point.

I mean, even the packaging is so slick and smooth looking – who wouldn’t be able to resist picking these up?

This news also means that we can pretty much forget about the Cadbury Dream bar which launched in the UK in 2002 and eventually disappeared from our supermarket shelves years later.

This new range is pretty much the same thing (creamy white chocolate) just not in the baby blue packaging.

Brand Executive for Cadbury, Nancy Galvin said: “We’re always looking for ways to grow and innovate our Cadbury range and are delighted to be bringing the new Cadbury White Chocolate range to stores across the UK.

We cant wait to hear what our fans think about these delicious new products.”

It seems I’m not the only one to be over the moon about this new product release, as white chocolate fans on Instagram are going crazy for it.

“I cannot wait! My dreams have come true” wrote one person.

Another wrote “This has made my day!”

This comes after more exciting white chocolate news.

Kellogg’s has announced they will be selling white chocolate Coco Pops right here in the UK for the first time in the brand’s history – and although I bet they’re ridiculously sickly I want a box immediately.

The boxes contain 480g – that’s the same weight and price as a regular-sized box of ordinary chocolate Coco Pops –  but have 30 per cent less sugar than other chocolate rice cereals and no artificial colours or flavourings. So basically a bowl equates to at least one of your five a day then.

The cereal is made using real white chocolate (6.5 per cent) so the Coco Pops taste really chocolatey, and it will be available in Tesco and Asda from with a recommended retail price of £2.99.

The good thing about white chocolate is that it goes with anything, whether your happy or you’re sad – or you just want to use it to make a yummy cheese cake. It just works.

I’ll be counting down the days for its release. 

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