Cadbury’s New White Chocolate Bars Are Here In Time For Christmas

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Published 06.11.19

Cadbury’s brand-new giant white chocolate bars have been spotted in ASDA

Been dreaming of a white Christmas?


Life is made up three types of people in my eyes: fans of milk chocolate (most people), fans of dark chocolate (totally wild people) and fans of white chocolate (big kids). I don’t really count those that don’t eat chocolate – tbh, that’s too confusing for me to process.

If you’re like me – a white chocolate obsessive – then you’re probably more of a nostalgic chocolate consumer; you remember those simpler times when you’d open a teeny-weeny packet of milk chocolate buttons or a rip your way through a Milkybar and just soak up those feeling of sheer joy and excitement; it was enough to keep you smiling all day long. If you’re old like me, you might also remember this advert:

What a delicious throwback.


When I eat white chocolate as an adult, it takes me right back to a time when all I really cared about was when Batman was on and when I could have more white chocolate.

Cadbury White bars have been spotted in ASDA

ASDA Cadbury white

And now Cadbury show us all some love by finally releasing their new “creamy white chocolate” bar in ASDA stores nationwide. I must’ve been a very good boy this year.

We first reported on Cadbury’s new white chocolate back in August. I’m now beyond happy to report that Cadbury White bars have actually finally been spotted by shoppers in Asda and are on sale for just £2 (’cause it’s pretty massive at 180g) or two bars for £3 if you’re feeling extra. If you’re still mourning the Cadbury’s Dream bar, like I am, then take comfort in that fact that your days are about to be merry and bright, ’cause Cadbury White is officially here, So Sayeth the internet.


If you’re worried about how excited you’re getting by this news, know that I’m in a far worse state rn. As are these three.


It might not be Cadbury Dream bar, but it looks dreamy all the same.


While we’re on this chocolate train

If you’re in need of more chocolatey Christmas news, you came to the right journalist. Here are a few more chocolatey festive treats I have my eye on this year.

Maltesers White Truffles

 Malteser truffles

Cadbury isn’t the only brand upping their white chocolate game for Christmas. Read all about Maltesers White Truffles.

Baileys Yule Log

Baileys yule log

Exclusive to ASDA (the supermarket’s clearly playing to win this year), this festive yule log is a heavenly dessert made with the addition of the famous Irish cream liqueur. Costing £5, it’ll serve 8 people around your table this Christmas – unless you’re me, in which case it serves you and you alone.

Galaxy White Chocolate bar and Galaxy Flutes

galaxy white chocolate

The major chocolate brand, known for their delicious milk chocolate quite possibly sent from heaven, have also stepped up their Christmas chocolate game with the introduction of their new Galaxy White Chocolate bar, and another bar named ‘Galaxy Flutes’.

Then, of course, there’s Costa Coffee’s outrageous new Christmas menu (not for the weak or faint-hearted!)

Costa Christmas range muffin

Costa’s Limited Edition Christmas menu arrived in Costa stores nationwide earlier this month, featuring some festive old faves, as well as some mouth-watering new additions. Chocoholics will not be left disappointed. The word is INDULGENCE.

Two for £3?! If you know me, you’re getting a Cadbury White bar for Christmas, FYI. Two bars if it’s real love. 

Images via ASDA, Twitter and Instagram