Cafe Replaces Gingerbread Men With “Gender Neutral Gingerbread People”

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Published 08.11.19

A cafe in Aukland has ruffled a few feathers after swapping out its gingerbread men for “gender neutral gingerbread people”.

Good, this, isn’t it? Fun story that’s going to get a lot of people very mad at a biscuit. Let’s get into it.

It’s that time of year again when people decide that gingerbread men are somehow festive – so long as they’re wearing a scarf made of icing – and somehow worth buying.

But with the world the way it is these days and all the bLoOdY sNoWfLaKeS gEtTiNg OfFeNdEd At (disappointing that ‘at’ looks normal) EvErYtHiNg, something had to change.

Of course it was the gender of the ginger chaps we all consume that was under the knife, with one cafe in Aukland, New Zealand, removing it all together.

After a customer at The Tannery asked why the biscuits are called gingerbread men and not gingerbread people, owner Andre Cettina decided to shake things up.

The jar of biscuits now reads ‘gingerbread gender neutral person’, which has both sparked debate on the cafe’s Facebook page and had people sharing pictures across social media.

Cettina explained that she mainly made the change for a laugh, saying to

It was completely tongue-in-cheek at the start, but it’s become a really good conversation piece in the cafe.

We’ve had a lot of people commenting saying ‘stop being so pedantic, it’s just a biscuit’. I had to reply to them going, ‘did you miss the whole point?’

It used to be that 90 per cent of the time we sold [the gingerbread biscuits], it was to kids. There’s a lot more people buying them now, which is quite funny.”

While a lot of people have been in favour of the change, there’s obviously a couple here and there who are inexplicably livid. One commented:

PC gone mad, always been gingerbread man, why change now. It’s a biscuit, not a living creature. I find this all so sad!!

That was then followed up by someone agreeing with what’s possible the stupidest comment I’ve ever read:

Me too! Soon we won’t be able to use the term human, we’ll all be hupeople.



Insanity. Genuine insanity.

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