Everyone, please stop giving him ideas. Piers Morgan is thrilled that Good Morning Britain viewers seem to want him to be Prime Minister.

Move over Boris Johnson, hello PM Piers Morgan? Great idea or the worst plan ever?

Piers Morgan jokes that he isn’t totally against the ideas after a campaign was launched on the show to get him the job.

He seems to have turned the tide of his critics, after several critical interviews where he held UK politicians to account.

Piers received praise following awkward interviews with Matt Hancock and for supporting the campaign to improve the free school lunches for children.

Politicians have often been found refusing to answer his questions about the Covid-19 pandemic. Piers has refused to let them off the hook.

He’s now been told that some GMB  viewers want him to become Prime Minister. Of course, Piers being Piers was pleased.

In typical Piers fashion, he said he couldnt be any worse than those already in charge.

“Far be it for me to question their wisdom here, that I should be Prime Minister, according to The Star,” Piers said on today’s Good Morning Britain.

He flicked through the pages of the paper and read some of the story.

He added: “It has got a ring to it, and could I do any worse is the real question.

“That’s the real calculation for the British people – as they wake up this morning to this huge campaign. Could I do any worse?”

Piers said: “There’s a point to that, which is when we do go quite hard on these ministers, it’s interesting who shines under the pressure.”

“… And who does what Thérèse Coffey did yesterday, where she just gave up.”

Controversial Interviews

He’s referring to MP Therese Coffey, who called Piers insulting during an interview yesterday and walked out.

Coffey had suggested that the UK’s death toll may be due to the country’s ageing population and obesity.

Piers thanked her for being open and for some providing some possible reasons why: “So are you saying that the reason for us having the worst death rate in the world is because of the public? We’re too old and we’re too fat?”

She refused to clarify whether she was blaming the public. “I think that’s a very insulting thing that you’ve just said, Piers,” she replied.

“Well you just said it,” Piers answered back, before Coffey said she had to leave and walked off.

He’s never held back on his opinions.

Should Piers be PM?

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